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suntrust solana condo unit for sale in manila

Suntrust Manila-Mandaluyong Condominium Projects

There’s nothing like life in the Metro. It’s the place where history and the high-life collide. For many, it’s the place where dreams come true. But it also can be quite crowded and traffic. Luckily, a condo for sale in Manila can be the image of a “dream come true.” But not just any condo—if the Metro gives you work and leisure, let Suntrust condos in Manila give you what’s missing: comfort. Providing easy living in the busiest city in the country has been one of the biggest foresights of Suntrust thus the development of properties like Suntrust Solana, Adriatico Gardens, Suntrust Parkview and Treetop Villas. Find comfort where it matters; find comfort and better days at Suntrust.
Adriatico Gardens
Treetop Villas