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Home renovations can be daunting to the average homeowner. You might think it’s expensive, not to mention time-consuming, so why bother? The thing is, it really doesn’t have to be so costly. There are plenty of small, easy upgrades you can do to improve the overall look of your home on the cheap. Here, we’ve listed down the best ways you can upgrade your home that will surely fit any kind of schedule or budget.

Repaint Your Cabinets


You don’t have to redo an entire room to update its look. If you want the quickest way to do it, just repaint your cabinets and you’ll easily freshen up any room in your house. Paint all the cabinets in your kitchen, bedrooms, and living room one color for an elegant, monochromatic look, or pick a different color for each room to reflect your fun-loving personality!

Dress Up Your Walls

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If you’d like to take it to the next level, don’t just repaint your cabinets, do the walls, too. Switch up the paint or put on some wallpaper. You can also play with different colors to make a room look much more spacious or cozier than it actually is. Or get creative and do an accent wall: choose one wall to use as such and experiment with its color, patterns, or material to add a touch of modernity and intrigue in your home.

Install Crown Molding

Adding crown molding to your walls is another quick and easy way to significantly elevate the look of an otherwise plain room. Think of it as an accessory. All you need are a power nailer and a miter saw, and it’s a relatively easy job to install along the top of your walls. Of course, you have to make sure to pick a design that complements the rest of your home.

Add a Stair Runner

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Avoid accidents on your stairs and make your house look expensive with a DIY stair runner. Using some padding, a double-sided carpet tape, staple gun, and the material of your choice (preferably wool, nylon, or polyester), you can install your very own stair runner at a very low cost.

Install Window Treatments


Upgrade the look of your windows by installing interior shutters or shades, or even just changing up your curtains and drapes. Interior shutters add a classy feel to the room and keep the heat out while still letting some sunlight in during the day. They’re also easy to install since they’re usually attached to a thin frame that sits on the wall, right outside the window frame. If you’re not ready for shutters, use shades instead. Like curtains, shades are made of fabric attached to a rod at the top of the window, and may be rolled up when you want to see outside or let light in. They’re inexpensive, easy to install, and depending on the design you choose, can add a casual or formal air to your home.

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