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Plants are a great way to spruce up any living space as they are affordable; come in colorful varieties; instantly beautify a room; and many require little or no maintenance! If you are worried that you might not have sufficient space in your condo for potted plants, fret not, as it is easy to add accents of greenery here and there in even the smallest of spaces.

What are some plants that are best suited for indoor living and how do you care for them? Here is a list of 5 of the easiest indoor plants that not only add life and vibrancy to any space, but also help purify the air.

  1. Aloe Vera
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Having a pot of Aloe in the house provides you with a multitude of uses – it can be used as a decorative accent to be placed on a coffee table or bookshelf; the gel inside the chunky, spiky exterior can be used to soothe burns and minor cuts; it purifies the air!

Taking care of Aloe

It will be best to place Aloe near a sun-facing window as it requires sufficient sunlight to grow and take note to only water it once a week or every 10 days.

  1. Pothos
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Also known as the Money Plant, Pothos are beautiful and come in many varieties, but the one thing they all have in common is how easy they are to maintain. Pothos can be grown as a hanging plant or in a regular pot, either in gardening soil or in water. By far the best type of plant to start on for any gardening beginner, Pothos can be easily propagated into many more pots rooting the cuttings in water.

According to a list compiled by NASA on air-purifying plants, Pothos absorb formaldehyde that form on indoor carpeting and rugs.

Taking care of Pothos

Pothos can tolerate low sunlight, low humidity and minimal watering, making it a great plant to brighten up the bathroom or kitchen.

  1. Snake Plant
Image source: Pexels

Due to its tolerance for low sunlight, low water requirement and how its leaves grow vertically, the Snake Plant is perfect for placement in tight spaces such as the your living room walkway, bathroom and any small corners of the home.

Taking care of the Snake Plant

Check that the topmost layer of soil is dry before watering as too much water will cause the Snake Plant to develop root rot. As for the level of sunlight they require, the Snake Plant is highly versatile and will do well in bright light, filtered light or even no light. It is essential, however, to keep them out of direct sunlight as that will burn the Snake Plant.

  1. Peace Lily
Image source: Pexels

If the thought of caring for a flowering plant intimidates you, then the Peace Lily is the perfect plant for the amateur gardener in you.The Peace Lily plant can survive in rooms where there is very low levels of sunlight, and will thrive even under fluorescent lighting.

In addition to brightening up any room with its gorgeous blooms, the Peace Lily Plant also effectively removes 2 types of harmful chemicals that are commonly found in the home: Benzene (found in synthetic fibers and gasoline, paint, thinner, tobacco and detergents)and Trichloroethylene (found in lacquer, glue and varnish).

Taking care of the Peace Lily Plant

Plant the Peace Lily in well-drained soil and place in a location with low sunlight. Water it only once a week to 10 days as too much water will cause root rot which in turn will slowly kill the Peace Lily Plant.

  1. Iron Plant
Image source: img.crocdn.co.uk

Easily the hardiest of indoor plants, the Iron Plant can survive in poor soil, requires little sunlight and minimal watering. The dark green hues of the Iron Plant make for a wonderful addition to a simple and minimalistic room, adding that sophisticated pop of color to magically transform any living space.

Taking care of the Iron Plant

Water only when the top layer of soil is dry and place in indirect or low light areas of the home.


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