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Family Exercise: Welcoming the New Normal with Healthier Body and Stronger Bond

Exercise is fun. It activates your bones and muscles and burns calories at the same time. Doing an exercise with your loved ones is an amplified level of fun. You shape a healthy body together with the people you care for. And as a bonus, you also enjoy bonding moments while doing something worthwhile.

A few months since the lockdown started, Regina Negapatan has been enjoying her quality time with her husband and kids at their condominium unit at Suntrust Asmara in Quezon City.

Regina with her husband and kids enjoy a Family Samgyupsal

Prior to quarantine, the couple have been very busy at work, having limited time to bond with their three sons. The 49-year old mom proudly shares how her family spent their #StayAtHome moments, exercising together and trying new things.

“I had precious moments with the kids. No gadgets allowed. We had a routine of exercises, actually, a family exercise habit. It really feels good exercising next to your family,” Regina beamed.

As she and her husband spent most of their time in the office during the pre-COVID period, they were astonished to discover that their sons have hidden talents they were unaware of until the lockdown. One of the kids is good at singing and the other loves repairing laptops and other gadgets.

The family makes the most out of the time together during the quarantine

“Before, we were too busy at work. Now, we discovered a lot of things about the kids. We enjoyed the bonding moment and we enjoyed delicious home-cooked meals. Before, we used to have canned goods. Now, we’re very much enjoying the food,” Regina enthused.

Regina also taught her kids some household chores during the lockdown and gave them assignments individually. JC, the eldest, is in charge of sweeping, mopping, and organizing rooms. CJ, her second, is assigned in cleaning the comfort room, while the youngest, JJ, is tasked to wash the dishes.

Enjoying their home-cooked meals

As caring residents, she and her husband Jojo also initiated to contact their Brgy. Captain to ask for relief. After their call, the barangay sent 60 packs of relief goods for all unit owners at the Suntrust condominium.

The Negapatan family is wholeheartedly happy with the response given by Suntrust Asmara’s property management against COVID19. They felt really safe with the stringent measures the management has implemented.

“As you enter, the guard will promptly take your temperature. They sanitize the elevators and all common areas,” shared Regina.

In addition, the family also thanks all the condominium’s frontliners who went extra miles for unit owners like them.

Suntrust Frontliners

“Sometimes when we couldn’t go out, we ask them to buy medicines for us. They were very attentive to our needs and I am very thankful for their service. I am very grateful to our frontliners,” the satisfied unit owner added.

Special thanks to:
Mary Jane Artuz SPMI Administrator - Asmara