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The First Steps of Success: How the Struggles of an OFW Led Him to His New Home

“It is every OFW’s dream to own their own home where they can nurture their family and provide them the best education,” Mr. Renato Bondoc said, an architect and a father of two.

Working abroad has been normal to us Filipinos. One of our many traits is our willingness to sacrifice a lot of things for the future of our families. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) around the globe endure homesickness and fight alone to be able to give their families here the taste of good life.

Renato had been working abroad for twelve years before he went home to be with his family when the pandemic hit. He used to work as an architect under a company in Saudi Arabia and now offers freelance services while waiting for another opportunity to return abroad.

Mr. Renato Bondoc works as a QS/architect in Saudi Arabia

As a part of the OFW community, it is his ultimate dream to own a home for his family. He was just starting his job abroad when they decided to purchase a home at Governor’s Hills in General Trias, Cavite, and since he was still uncertain about the stability of his job, he struggled to work harder to afford his dream home.

“We rented for eight years, and when I saw Governor’s Hills, I thought to myself, ‘this is it’. This is the home I want my family to live in the future. So aside from my family, that had been my motivation to push through,” Renato recounted.

The unparalleled convenience the subdivision gives to his family now is one thing he is most thankful for, along with the fine climate around the area, the friendly community, the security, and the school within the neighborhood.

“Of course I wanted to give my kids a good education not far from home, so I’m really happy that there’s a science school just inside the community,” Renato said.

Renato considers his first steps inside their first home was his most memorable experience. Just a few months after paying the downpayment in full, his family moved into their home. But he wasn’t there to witness the incredible moment, so when he came home from abroad, he couldn’t forget those first steps he took. Until now, he keeps reliving this “first steps of success”.

Renato with his wife and children

Happy family

Renato used to come home every year prior to the lockdown, and everytime he does, his family’s best bonding moments happen inside their home sweet home. Jogging around the vast neighborhood and holding family picnics by the swimming pool are their favorite hobbies as a family. When he is away, he trusts that his family will be as safe as when he was with them because the security in the subdivision is what he considers remarkable.

Home sweet home

“The place is well-maintained, I feel safe with the guards and staff around, and our neighbors are also caring. We live harmoniously here, and that makes my anxieties of leaving my family go away,” he shared. According to him, he is also confident that his family will never run out of their needs as commercial spaces are growing within the community.

Governor’s Hills in General Trias, Cavite

“We have convenience stores just in front of the neighborhood, we have eateries, basically everything. I’m not worried my family will have troubles accessing their needs,” Renato enthused.