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Whether you’ve been with your significant other for a long time or just for a little while, there’s always some pressure to celebrate Valentine’s Day with them with a grand gesture or at least a memorable date every year. That pressure is probably greater this year, especially with the importance of staying home and staying safe. But you don’t have to worry, because we’ve made a list of awesome stay-at-home date ideas for Valentine’s Day 2021.

1. Netflix and Chill


Why not take the phrase “Netflix and chill” literally? Prepare a lineup of your favorite movies and TV show episodes (of the romance genre or not) and watch them all night over dinner and a bottle of wine.

2. DIY Home Spa


Pamper yourself and your loved one with a DIY at-home spa! Learn some body massage tricks and watch tutorials online, and treat your sweetheart to a night of relaxation. Nail the spa vibe with a couple of scented candles and calming music.

3. Indoor Picnic


Head to your living room or front yard and prepare some sandwiches, a cheese plate, and a bottle of red wine for a delightful home picnic. You can definitely go to a nearby park for the real thing (just practice social distancing!), but if you want to stay safe, this is still a great alternative.

4. Breakfast in Bed


Surprise your significant other with a special breakfast in bed. Whip up a complete meal with hot coffee and chocolate chip pancakes, and grab this perfect opportunity to enjoy the entire morning just lounging in bed with your partner.

5. Have Food Delivered

You don’t need to slave away in the kitchen to make this day special. After all, spending time with each other is what matters. So order in some pizza or any of your favorite foods for Valentine’s dinner.

6. Candlelit Dinner


Or slave away in the kitchen for a fancy dinner complete with a bouquet of roses and candles. Cook some pasta and pull out a bottle of wine to replicate a restaurant dinner, only made more special with your personal touch.

7. DIY Cocktail


Look up cocktail recipes and impress your significant other with your newly learned skill. Better yet, spend the night making these cocktails together!

8. Board Game Night


Pull out a board game or that old deck of cards and spend the night just playing games with your sweetheart. Pick games specifically made for two players, like scrabble or chess.

9. Bake Night


Go into the kitchen and bake your favorite desserts and pastries. You can also challenge your significant other with a bake-off, where you two can make your own versions of a popular baked good and decide whose recipe is better!

10. Video Game Marathon


Play your favorite vintage video games from your childhood and play them all with your loved one, or make them play your favorite role-playing games and see how they fare.

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