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It’s that time of the year again! Christmas is right around the corner and we are already scrambling to shop for the perfect gifts for our friends and family. And of course, Christmas is not just about gift-giving, it’s also about being with our loved ones and sharing the joy of the holiday season with them. Organizing Christmas parties always comes with a little bit of pressure, but with the tough two years we’ve all had, we deserve a celebration that will easily put everyone in the holiday spirit. Here are a few ideas for you.

1. Christmas Brunch


Host a big Christmas brunch on the day itself or any day before. Invite your closest friends and family and catch up over your best brunch dishes and mimosas.

2. Gift Wrapping Party


Let’s face it—gift shopping is fun but the wrapping part is not. One way to enjoy the task is to have your best friends over and have a quiet dinner while wrapping gifts together! Who says you can’t have fun while getting things done?

3. Christmas Dish Contest


Propose to hold a contest where the guests bring their special Christmas dish for everyone to try. Vote for the best-tasting recipe and give the winner a special gift.

4. Winter Wonderland


Have a white Christmas by hosting a little party or even Noche Buena with a winter wonderland theme. Use white Christmas decorations and table cloths, and hang snowflakes from the ceiling and all over the room. A little air conditioning wouldn’t hurt either!

5. Collect Clothes and Toys to Donate


There’s nothing better than the feeling of being able to help others who are in need. Collect old clothing and toys from everyone you know and donate to a local church or children’s charities.

6. Host a Food Drive


Help feed hungry families during the holidays by hosting a food drive yourself or coordinating with the local church. Cook the dishes yourself or gather your friends and family to help out. You will not just be sharing your blessings, you will also share this special bonding time with the ones you love.

7. Have a Hot Chocolate Bar


Make Noche Buena extra special by setting up a hot chocolate bar for your guests. Go all out with a bottomless supply of delicious hot cocoa, complete with marshmallows and Christmassy flavored syrups like peppermint and toffee nut.

8. Have a Pajama Party

Enforce a pajama dress code for your Christmas party or Noche Buena. Watch your favorite Christmas-themed movies together while sitting on the floor with lots of pillows and blankets for everyone to share. This will make for a fun and cozy night.

9. Turn Christmas Dinner into a Costume Party


Costume parties don’t have to be solely for halloween! Make your guests wear their holiday costume of choice and hold a contest for it if you like.

10. Dress Up Your Pets


Your furry friends shouldn’t miss out on the fun. Have your dogs and cats wear cute little Christmas costumes, like Santa hats and reindeer antlers!

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