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How time flies! It seems like we were just wrapping up 2020 and now we’re halfway through 2021. It’s the perfect time to shake things up and beautify your home. Short on cash? No problem! Even with a limited budget, you can make over your home with just a little effort and imagination. Here are 10 simple ways you can redecorate without spending a lot.

1. Shop your storage.


If you have a bunch of paintings, picture frames, or old furniture in storage, you might be missing out on cool home decorations you already own. Go through the stuff you’ve been hiding in your garage, and you might find an old cabinet or coffee table you could repaint.

2. Rearrange the living room.

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One of the easiest ways to change up the look of your home without buying anything new is to rearrange the furniture in your living room, since changes made here can instantly freshen up your entire home. Simply move around your couch, entertainment center, and side and coffee tables, and switch up your curtains for a nice touch.

3. Paint your walls in different colors.


If you’re working with a tight budget, just buy a few cans of paint and change up the colors of your walls. If you’re feeling fun and adventurous, use a different color for each room.

4. Make a DIY window seat.


Make any room cozier by decorating your window seat with some cute drapes and soft throw pillows. If you don’t currently have a window seat, you can just place a comfortable bench by the window and have at it.

5. Take your windows to the next level.


Dress up your windows by adding long, stylish curtains in expensive-looking fabrics or add window blinds for modern look.

6. Add splashes of color.


Decorate a cabinet or shelves with cute vases, interesting decorative accessories, or a colorful stack of books to liven up any room. You don’t have to spend much — you can shop online for cheap finds or go through your storage for old books for this.

7. Create an accent wall.

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Pick one wall in your living room or bedroom and paint it a different color from the others if you’re feeling adventurous. This also adds an instant artistic and modern touch to your home. Just make sure that you pick a color that works well with your current color palette.

8. Refresh your couch.


Get new throw pillows in different shapes and sizes, or simply buy pillow cases in new, vibrant colors to brighten up the living room.

9. Use new scents.


Play around with different room scents. You can shop online for home scents inspired by luxury hotel room fragrances without paying luxury prices.

10. Add indoor plants.


Embrace your inner plantita and introduce potted plants in your home. Indoor plants add a fresh, calming vibe in any room aside from their decorative purposes. If you can’t commit to caring for real plants yet, artificial plants and flowers will do.

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