10 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Women’s History Month | Suntrust Properties Inc.

Last year, we listed various ways to reward yourself for Women’s Month even while staying at home. While we’d still like you to pamper yourself as much as you need to (go ahead, you deserve it!), there’s no better time than Women’s Month 2021 to celebrate women around the world and push the fight for gender equality forward through these simple yet empowering ways.

1. Learn about the history of women’s rights.


This month is an opportunity to acknowledge the significant progress we’ve made on women's rights over the years. Read up and educate yourself on the history of women's rights and what battles women before us fought to get here.

2. Be aware of the issues still affecting women today.


We have come a long way, but women all over the world still face certain problems and challenges because of their gender. For example, an estimate of 500 million women lack adequate tools to manage their periods safely and with dignity because of stigma.

3. Spread awareness on social media.


Use the power of social media to spread awareness on subjects you are passionate about. Share what you learned from your research with the use of infographics, inspiring quotes, videos, or linked articles.

4. Celebrate women in your workplace.

Use your corporate social media accounts (or your own) to celebrate women in your workplace. For example, you can interview them about what they find empowering and challenging working in your industry and post them in a series throughout the month.

5. Support a women's charity.

If you would like to do something that makes a difference, pick a women's non-profit that supports and serves women in need and puts in the work toward gender equality.

6. Write a note to a woman that inspires you.

Tell a woman in your life how much they have made a positive impact on you through a heartfelt note. It doesn't need to be long, a simple thank you note with a cup of coffee can make someone's day.

7. Write yourself a note while you're at it.

You deserve appreciation from yourself, too! Take some time to sit down and reflect on the hardships you endured and how much they've helped you become the woman that you are today.

8. Host an event at your workplace or with your friends.

Invite your girlfriends and/or coworkers to a little get-together to celebrate women. Something as simple as a marathon of movies directed by women and with female leads can be fun and special.

9. Support women-owned businesses.

Seek out local businesses owned and run by women and support them. Women's History Month is the perfect time to start showing solidarity with female entrepreneurs.

10. Support female artists.

Read books written by female authors and find new music to jam to by female musicians you might have never heard of.


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