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Considering buying a new house? The two popular options seem to be either a house and lot or a condominium, but another type of property that is often overlooked by homebuyers may actually offer you more value for your money.

What is a townhouse?

Andorra townhouse at The Arcadia

A townhouse is a residential building consisting of row houses with multiple stories. Each unit shares an exterior wall with each other, and has private front and back entrances. Here are 10 reasons why you should think about investing in a townhouse.

1. It’s more affordable than a single-detached or condo.


Think of a townhouse as something between a condo and a single-family home. Because of its own front and back entrances and similarities to a house and lot in a nice complex, it’s like buying a house at condominium prices, and it’s sometimes even more affordable.

2. It has a bigger space than a condo.

Anais townhouse Artist's impression

Compared to a condo unit, a townhouse offers more square footage and comes in multiple storeys. It can easily fit a lot more of your things and furniture, so you don’t have to think as much about saving space as you would in a condo.

3. It’s usually located in prime locations.

The Arcadia vicinity map

Townhouses are usually located in cities and other prime areas, making landmarks, schools, malls, and other leisure spots accessible to you.

4. It includes a garage.

Anais townhouse

Unlike condos, a townhouse includes ample parking space within your property. Not only is this more convenient, you can also have more peace of mind knowing your car is right next to you and not parked somewhere else in the building.

5. It has better creative opportunities.

Creative freedom in your own space

With the bigger space you get, you can design your home to your heart’s content without worrying about association rules or how everything would fit inside.

6. It offers security.

The Arcadia is a gated community located in Porac, Pampanga

Because a townhouse is usually located in a gated community, you can sleep at night knowing you’re getting topnotch security. Aside from that, your neighbors in the complex can also act as an extra form of security and watch over your house when you’re away, especially if you’ve become good friends with them.

7. It offers privacy.

Andorra townhouse

Unlike in a condo, you get a separate main entrance and don’t share a lobby and hallway with others. Although you share an exterior wall with your neighbors, you get more privacy to conduct your day-to-day activities.

8. It requires less maintenance.

Spacious amenities

Because of its smaller yard, a townhouse is much easier to maintain than a house. Also, common areas aren’t usually the responsibility of individual residents, as they are taken care of by the homeowners’ association.

9. It gives you more freedom.

Pets all you want :)

In general, living in a townhouse offers you more ownership than in a condo. This means you don’t have to stick to strict association rules, and you get to keep pets, big or small, in your home.

10. It’s a better fit for a family.

While a house and lot is arguably the best choice for a family, a townhouse is certainly a more affordable option and is more viable than a condo in this regard.

Whether you’re just starting a family or looking to save money, a townhouse in Suntrust’s The Arcadia may be a good fit for you. Located in Porac, Pampanga, this residential development not only offers countryside living and the convenience of being near numerous destinations for all your needs, but a sense of community as well with its resort-inspired amenities and shared spaces.

Learn more about The Arcadia here.

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