10 Small Ways You Can Improve Yourself in 2021 | Suntrust Properties Inc.

The new year always inspires us to look inward and change what we can to improve our lives, which starts with the usual list of resolutions that we may or may not actually follow through. It can be difficult because we often think that changing ourselves for the better means making one big gesture, but it all boils down to the small steps you take every day. Here are a few simple things you can do to grow into the new and better you in 2021.

1. Create a morning routine.

The key to a productive day is starting it with an effective morning routine. When you know exactly what you’re going to do from the moment you wake up, you become more efficient because you don’t waste time trying to decide on every single thing.

2. Create a bedtime routine.

The perfect morning stems from a healthy bedtime routine. Take a hot shower, prepare your outfit for the next day, and do something that relaxes you in bed, like finishing a couple of chapters in the book you’ve been reading or listening to a podcast.

3. Make your own meals.

Preparing your own meals every day isn’t only cheaper than eating takeout food all the time, it also guarantees you have control over your diet and your health as well.

4. Spend a few minutes a day to finish small tasks.

Set aside 20 or 30 minutes out of your day for the little tasks you need to do or have been putting off, like washing the dishes, changing your curtains, or freeing up space in your hard drive.

5. Clean out your closet.

Go through your closet and decide which items you would like to keep and which ones you want to toss out. You will thank yourself not just for the stress-relieving benefits of cleaning, but for the bigger closet space, too.

6. Treat yourself from time to time.

Allow yourself to indulge in a well-deserved mani-pedi, relaxing bath, or even just a lazy day every now and then.

7. Read more.

Aside from its cognitive and vocabulary benefits, reading books is a great way to wean yourself off social media especially if you feel like you’re spending too much time on it.

8. Stick to an exercise routine.

The best kind of workout is the one that you enjoy enough to keep doing every day, or at least four times a week. Pick an exercise — it may be running, dancing, or weightlifting — and stick to it.

9. Consume positive media.

We are what we eat, and this also applies to the media we watch or listen to on a daily basis. After all, every movie, TV show, or social media post we consume greatly impacts our mood. Try to minimize consumption of any media that leads to negative feelings, and choose motivational content instead.

10. Start meditating.

Daily meditation helps reduce stress and anxiety, enhance mindfulness, and promote emotional health in the long run. Check out meditation apps like Calm and Headspace if you need help easing into it.

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