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When you think of Easter, you generally picture kids dressed up in their Sunday best, looking for candy-filled Easter eggs. Of all, the holiday isn't only about Easter egg hunts; it's also about decorating Easter eggs. The ritual of coloring eggs brings the entire family together for a fun, carefree day, and no matter your skill level, the Easter egg design options are virtually limitless. There are many DIY Easter egg designs you can try this year, from dipping them in pastel colors to covering them with glitter, and we've gathered some inspiration to get you started.

1. Paint+Glitter Easter Egg

glitter Easter egg

Do you want to save your Easter eggs for future generations? Before decorating, blow out the contents of each egg, then hand-paint with various colors of acrylic paint. When the glue has dried, use a liner brush to paint polka dots, swirls, or other designs onto the painted eggs. Then, sprinkle glitter on top of the wet glue. The ultimate product will be a collection of glitzy and sparkling eggs to display for spring visitors.

2. Easter Egg Animals


Allow small hands to express themselves by transforming colorfully colored Easter eggs into charming rabbits, chicks, sheep, and birds. Download and print patterned paper for children to cut out ears, beaks, feathers, whiskers, and other details to make springtime creatures.

3. Thread Wrapped Eggs

thread wrapped eggs

To give your eggs a stylish flair, wrap them with baker's twine. Put a quick-grab sticky adhesive on the bottom of a paper mache egg and wrap the thread around it. Trim the first color and glue the end of the second color to alter the colors. Coil the string around the top, trim, then dab on some glue for a flawless finish.

4. Egg Emojis

egg emojis

With these lovely egg emojis, you can create a fun Easter decor in your house. First, color the eggs yellow and set them aside to dry. Once dry, draw on the face, using a permanent marker.

Adding gems, washi tape, vivid dip-dyed motifs, and other embellishments to your Easter egg decorating to take it to the next level. Enjoy your easter! Suntrust Verona is a perfect community for these kinds of activities. Click the link below to know more.  

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