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Who doesn't enjoy the sound of rain, the fragrance of dirt, and the sight of lush green trees surrounded by beautiful flowers? Of course, there are other reasons to enjoy the monsoon season, the most important of which is that it signals the end of the blazing summer heat and gives a much-needed reprieve from the scorching sun. However, from car accidents to power outages, this rainy weather may bring a lot of problems, especially if you are not prepared ahead of time. As a result, if you genuinely want to enjoy this time of year without experiencing any terrible situations, here are some basic yet practical rainy season safety guidelines that you must follow.

Avoid Walking In The Rain


Walking in the rain or jumping in puddles may sound appealing, primarily if you reside in the country's south and don't get to experience this weather very frequently. However, one of the most important measures to take during the rainy season is to avoid standing water on the road. These pools of water may appear to be clean, but they contain a slew of germs that can cause a variety of viral and fungal ailments.

Drive Slowly 


Road accidents are widespread during the rainy season; thus, drivers must use the utmost caution in severe conditions. Because wet roads can be rather slippery, it is best to avoid speeding and tailgating (closely following the car in front of you). If the vehicle in front of you is tailgating, keep some space between the two. Also, avoid making any unexpected turns. Furthermore, riding motorbikes in the rain is dangerous since they slide and tumble quickly on wet roads. Be cautious of bicyclists if you are driving a car.

Prepare An Emergency Kit


The most challenging aspect of the rainy season is frequent power outages and flash flooding. Because you can't always combat or forecast natural catastrophes ahead of time, it's always preferable to be prepared for the worst – especially if you live in a flood-prone location.

Keep Umbrella and Raincoat Handy

umbrella and raincoat

Having an umbrella on hand is essential during the monsoon season. This practice will save you from becoming sick, but it will also safeguard your precious goods, such as your phone, wallet, and cards, from getting wet during the downpour. If carrying an umbrella looks to be inconvenient, invest in a raincoat.

These tips are perfect whether you’re living in the suburbs or in the city. If you are looking to buy a new home safe that will keep you warm and safe all day, please check out our projects here.

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