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Wallpaper Colors

These wallpaper trends will provide you with many ideas for freshening up your home's interior design. It's the perfect time to spruce up your walls and give them a breezy new lease on life, and our roundup of the hottest trends of the moment is likely to be a great place to start.

1. Cream

cream wallpaper

 Who says beige and cream have to be dull? These neutrals are some of the greatest paint colors for a bedroom since they are dependable, flexible, warm, and unobtrusive. An extremely light taupe color will contrast nicely with bright decor while also adding warmth to the atmosphere. It also conjures up images of lengthy walks on a sandy beach. Add a splash of color with décor and throw cushions, or keep it simple.

2. Add drama with dark colors

dark wallpaper

Gloomy colors were once avoided because they were sometimes misconstrued as making a place appear dark and dismal. However, mixed-use of space, well-placed forms, clever living room lighting ideas, richer royal blues, and luscious emerald greens make a welcome comeback.

3. Textural Papers

textured wallpaper

Wallpaper is no longer a one-dimensional sheet of paper hung on the wall. As printing technology advances, the variety of surfaces that can be printed on expands. Textured wallpaper is one of the most soothing wallpaper styles. Choose a hessian wallcovering for the ultimate cosseting effect, and let the coziness begin.

4. Animal Wallpapers

animal wallpapers

Animal wallpapers are standard in children's rooms, but the current trend is towards lovely adult versions. Forest motifs with deer are trendy and fit perfectly with the broader biophilic trend. 

A perfect way to elevate your bedroom walls this year! These tips are perfect for your Suntrust Verona Home. To know more about Suntrust Verona, click the link below. 

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