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Without a party at every turn or the much-awaited visit to your relatives in the province, Christmas sure is looking a little different in 2020. While we won’t be able to celebrate the holidays just as we always did before COVID-19, it doesn’t mean that we can’t find a way to still make December the most joyful time of the year. Here are some fun holiday activities you can do to keep the Christmas spirit alive, even in a pandemic.

Host a virtual Christmas party


If you can’t visit friends and family this year, try hosting a virtual party instead via Zoom, Skype, or any other video chat apps you’re most comfortable using. You can talk, play games, watch a movie using the screen-sharing feature, and even eat Christmas dinner together online! To take it even closer to a traditional Christmas party, do Monita Monita by sending out your presents ahead of time and taking turns opening them while on video call.

Throw an intimate party


Everyone is advised against holding parties in person, but there’s no harm in gathering your closest friends and family as long as everyone will be strictly following COVID-19 safety measures. Follow these guidelines and precautions to celebrate responsibly:

Bake Christmas cookies for your loved ones


You don’t have to meet up with everyone to celebrate the holidays and let them know you care. Spread the Christmas cheer by baking Christmas-themed cookies and having them delivered to your friends and family (or drop them off yourself if you can). Enlist the help of your entire household to make as many cookies as possible — it makes for a nice family activity, too! Need ideas for what to bake? Try:

Make your own Christmas ornaments


This is the perfect holiday activity if you’re into arts and crafts or if you have kids at home. You can make your own Christmas lanterns if you’re pretty crafty, but you can start with something as simple and enjoyable as Christmas tree ornaments. Prepare the following supplies for everyone:

Have a Christmas movie marathon


Sometimes, the simplest things make Christmas feel the most like Christmas, such as curling up in front of the TV with your family with a cup of hot chocolate and watching your favorite holiday movies. Here are a few iconic Christmas movies to get you started:

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