5 Minimalist Christmas Decoration Ideas for Your Condo | Suntrust Properties Inc.

Christmas is fast approaching, which means it’s time to get the holiday decorations out and start filling your home with Yuletide cheer! While living in a small space can be quite challenging, remember that a huge house is not a requirement for going all out and joining in on the fun of getting ready for the holiday season. However, when you live in a smaller home, every inch counts when decorating, so here are the best minimalist Christmas decor ideas perfect for condo living.

1. Downsize your decorations.


Even the smallest spaces can be decorated for the holidays, but instead of struggling to make that big Christmas tree fit in with the rest of your home, opt for either a mini version or a Christmas bouquet, which you can decorate with mini ornaments and candy canes to emulate a traditional Christmas tree. Choose downsized versions of other decors as well, such as Christmas socks and wreaths.

2. Ditch the Christmas tree.


Hear us out! A gigantic tree isn’t the be-all and end-all of a Christmas-ready home. You can still evoke the cheerful vibe of the holidays with the Christmas ornaments alone. Instead of hanging the ornaments up on a tree, display them in a large glass jar or bowl on your center table or kitchen counter. Place them beside fake gifts wrapped in matching or complementing colors and you’re good. It’s simple, easy, and reminds you of the times you helped decorate your family’s Christmas tree.

3. Use Christmassy scents.


Huge, fancy decor isn’t the only way to create a Christmas feel in your home. Get away with the bare minimum by stimulating your sense of smell. Put peppermint or cinnamon-scented candles and essential oils all over your condo. You can even switch out your regular hand soap with a more Christmas-smelling one. Scents like pine, gingerbread, or hot chocolate will work great!

4. Switch to Christmas-themed staples.


Like we said, every inch counts in a small space. So instead of adding stuff to your home, why not switch out a few things that are already there with Christmas-themed ones? For example, put away your pink rug for the meantime and use a red one, which fits the Christmas aesthetic better. Switch to Christmas-themed dish towels, wall art, curtains, couch covers and throw pillow cases, or other home staples you can think of. This is your chance to be creative.

5. Decorate using lights.


The easiest way to decorate your home for Christmas without taking up a lot of space is to fill it with lights! Hang lights around your entire apartment or condo — they don’t even have to be too complicated or come in different colors. The light will illuminate your home and add a soft glow that makes everything look cozier.

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