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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so you’re probably seeing lists of ideas for a date with your significant other everywhere. But Valentine’s Day is about celebrating all kinds of love, including the love you share with your beloved pet! So here are a few cute date ideas for this very special day, not excluding your furry friend.

1. Movie Night


Your best bet for a pet-friendly Valentine’s date, especially under current circumstances, is to stay home. Round up your favorite movies, fill your couch with pillows for a cozy feel, and spend the night curled up in there with your partner and your pet as you go on a romance-themed movie marathon. You can even throw in a couple of dog movies. We recommend A Dog’s Purpose, The Art of Racing in the Rain, and of course, Marley & Me for a classic cross between dog movie and rom-com!

2. Staycation


If budget is not a problem, splurge by booking a room in a fancy, pet-friendly hotel for a luxurious staycation. Enjoy each other’s company, order room service, and draw a nice bubble bath for your dog! If the hotel is pet-friendly, chances are they have a special menu for pet-safe food, so order room service for your best friend, too.

3. Picnic at the Dog Park


If there’s a dog park nearby or even just a regular park, spend an afternoon thereby playing frisbee with your dog and having a simple picnic. Bring a couple of scrumptious sandwiches and a bottle of refreshing lemonade for you and your valentine, and a bag of treats for your furry companion. The walk around the neighborhood can also be fun and enjoyable for the three of you.

4. Pet-Friendly Dinner


The usual candlelit dinner is nice and romantic, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a swanky restaurant that allows pets in. If you and your valentine don’t mind, opt for a pet-friendly restaurant where you can dine, chill, and let your dog or cat play with other guests’ pets. If you don’t know any pet-friendly restaurants near you, find one with at least an outdoor seating area or patio where you can sit with your furry date.

If it’s simply not possible to take your pet out for dinner, there’s nothing wrong with staying home with them! Prepare a fancy dinner for your significant other and have that romantic candlelit dinner at home with your best friend.

5. Biking in the Neighborhood


This is a great idea for couples who own a dog small enough to be in a basket or carrier attached to your bike. Go riding around the neighborhood, and enjoy the fresh air and amazing views while bonding with your significant other. If you live near the beach or a coastal area, ride your bike to it and watch the sunset with them. What’s more romantic than that?


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