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Making your home look like a million bucks doesn’t have to literally cost you that much money. There are many methods to magically transform your home to make it a cozy wonderland and one of these is through the use of wood features. We have compiled a list of 7 practical and cost-effective ways to incorporate wood in decorating your humble abode to make it look and feel fabulous and homey at the same time.

1. Tv console/Living room cabinet


Kill two birds with one stone by investing in a sleek and practical cabinet that you could use as a television console or simply as a storage solution. Opt for a piece with a dark walnut or oak finish to give your room that homey, rustic feel or take inspiration from the simplistic styling of the Japanese (think MUJI) with a cabinet in pine or maple finish

2. Bathroom countertop


Amaze your guests with a statement piece right in the bathroom! The irresistible combination of textured wood with sleek ceramic tiles makes for a wonderfully dynamic look that will wow anyone who steps foot in the room. However, do take note to protect your countertop with a layer of waterproof coating as, while the wood makes your bathroom truly pop, moisture and raw wood do not go well together.

3. Wooden headboard


Warm, inviting and cozy – these are the ideal conditions for what is perhaps the most important room in any home, the bedroom. One of the main focal points of the bedroom is the bed, which makes the headboard a key attraction point as well. With a simple wooden headboard, the bedroom can be made to look rustic, comfortable and, most importantly, welcoming so that you can be sure of well-rested nights to perform at your optimal state during the day.

4. Kitchen shelves


Spice up your kitchen with some wooden accents such as a series of wall shelves or cabinets. The warmth of textured wood adds personality to a kitchen that may otherwise seem generic and unimpressive. Wood is great for use in the kitchen as it is hardy, strong, lasting and, when used well, beautiful.

5. Wooden accent table


Whether you place it in the bedroom, living area or dining room, you can never go wrong with a beautifully crafted wooden side table, coffee table or end table. They are practical as the drawers can be used for storage and keeps your remote controls, magazines, books close. Another advantage of wooden furniture is that they complement any style.

6. Wooden bookshelf


Invoke the beauty of nature with a rustic bookshelf! Wooden bookshelves come in all shapes and forms – from the simple crate bookshelf that will fit perfectly in smaller, cozier apartments to the fun, chic and modern bookshelves (such as the asymmetrical one in the photo below) . You can also opt for a more traditional, charming oak wood bookshelf that evokes timeless elegance and sophistication.


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