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Condo living offers many benefits and conveniences, like having easy access to essential goods and services. The security, amenities, and facilities that condominium buildings come with also significantly improve your quality of life. But just like any other housing option, a condo has its pros and cons, and it’s up to you to weigh them against your personal priorities. 

One of the downsides of living in a condo is the tight space, simply because they’re designed to be compact and fit for the busy city-dweller. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t make your condo unit feel more spacious with these useful tips.

Play with colors

Play with different color schemes and stick to one palette. Some condo owners go for an all-white theme for a clean, monochromatic design that makes the room look bigger than it is, but you can still add more colors to create depth through furniture, wall decor, and fixtures.

Choose multipurpose furniture

Choose multipurpose furniture

Because of the limited space in a condo, you have to think about the functionality of your furniture before buying it. Go for pieces of furniture that will serve multiple purposes, like a sofa bed, a closet with a built-in mirror, and a center table with storage.

Make use of your walls

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Instead of floor lamps or table lamps that will require a bedside table (and therefore take up more space), go for wall lamps. You can also install floating shelves for extra storage. Not only will they save space, they’re also nice to look at and will add beauty to your home.

Install blinds or blackout curtains

Put up blinds or curtains that will limit the sunlight that comes in through the windows. Sunlight is good, but too much heat in a small space can make it less than comfortable. The curtains will also lend a cozy feel to your unit.

Designate areas for different functions

One reason a condo unit may feel too small is because of disorganization. For example, if your bedroom or sleeping corner is also your workspace, it will feel cluttered, and you may also find it impossible to completely relax in bed. Living in a smaller home doesn’t mean you can’t have a living area, a kitchen, and an office. Separate these areas as much as possible by making use of dividers or assigning different color palettes to each of them.

Practice minimalism

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Don’t try to cram all of your possessions into your condo unit. Instead, choose only what you know you need and use regularly. There is a reason why minimalism has gained popularity in recent years. Living minimally is the standard for people who choose to reside in tiny houses, not just because it saves space, but it has a positive effect on your mental health as well.


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