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This month, classes are resuming but our kids will not be going back to school. Since the school year 2020-2021 will be conducted through distance learning and limited face-to-face classes, it can be hard for your children to focus on their studies while they are comfortable at home, a place they associate with fun and leisure. To make it easier for them, we give you these simple tips to prepare your kids for studying effectively at home.

Set a specific study space


Assign a specific area in your home for studying instead of making your kids do their school work in bed or at the dining table. While these and similar places provide adequate space to spread out books and learning materials, they are not conducive for studying and will only distract your child. A dedicated area for study time, on the other hand, will help them focus and get in the right mindset for learning.

Choose the ideal spot


Any quiet, well-lit spot in your house is an ideal study space for your children. Set up the study area by a window or the veranda so lots of natural light can come in, which helps promote good eye health in children and livens up the space. Suntrust homes are perfect for this with their ample spaces everyone in the family can utilize. You can also decorate the area with stickers or posters of their favorite cartoon characters and superheroes to make your kids excited for study time. A functional study area doesn’t have to be boring!

Keep it organized

Minimize clutter and keep all study materials organized when not in use. Keep books and notebooks in a bookshelf, and regularly clear out any items that may distract your kids from studying, like toys, smartphones, and game consoles.

Limit the use of gadgets


Put gadgets and other devices away during study time to minimize distraction. While smartphones can aid learning, too, you should set up controls (if possible) so you know they are only accessing the internet for studying purposes and not for social media or playing mobile games. It will also be helpful to set a specific time for gadget use.

Follow a routine


Sticking to a routine gives structure to your child’s day and helps them keep track of their school work better. Their teacher or instructor will most likely give you a schedule to follow, but if you’re homeschooling your kids, create one with enough study breaks and playtime to keep them energized and motivated.

Prepare brain-boosting snacks

We all know that sudden crash in energy in the afternoon, and even hyperactive kids can experience this, too. To keep their brain functioning and fit to complete the day’s work, serve them brain-boosting snacks such as:



Fruits are rich in antioxidants that help against cognitive decline, and they are healthier alternatives to empty calories from junk food like chips and candies. Serve them peeled oranges and seedless grapes for easy snacking, or make smoothies with their favorite fruits.



Eggs deliver nutrients that are essential to brain function, such as omega-3 fatty acids, choline, and lutein. Hard-boil a few eggs and serve them peeled, or mix scrambled egg with spinach and serve it on a slice of whole-grain bread.

Nuts and Seeds


Almonds, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds are great snacks with mood-boosting effects perfect for combating sluggishness. Combine them with raisins, chocolate chips, or dried fruit to make your own bag of trail mix.



Don’t forget to keep the water coming! It’s important for the body to stay hydrated whether your kids are studying or not, so keep a glass or tumbler of water on their desk at all times.

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