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Collectively, interior design styles are in wide range and formulas, creating a diverse world of aesthetic designs that ramp up your homes. But individually, each interior design style has its own unique touch that builds an identity. Sure, some designs may have similarities and same flavors, but each space adds up to a unique chapter of inspiration, history, and creativity. Though some may seem identical to another, it is important to know and understand the details of the design you will be going for, especially the one that resonates with you. If you don’t have anything in mind yet, maybe these design ideas might spark a fascination!

  1. Contemporary
Andorra @ The Arcadia

Many mistakenly treat a design as modern when they are trying to go for contemporary. These two design styles are frequently used interchangeably. Though the two may have some overlapping themes, and the terms themselves may sound as synonyms of one another, its difference is that contemporary design refers to design styles that are based on here and now. If you’re still confused then here’s a more vivid explanation—modern designs are based strictly on the designs developed since the 20th century, which includes steel accents and white hues. They represent modernity and the advancement of the 20th century when it comes to tools and technology. Contemporary, on the other hand, represents currency with less attachment to one particular style. It adapts to what is current and the styles of the moment. This design is often characterized by clean lines, subtle sophistication, deliberate textures, and unlike modern designs, this can include curving lines. Contemporary homes are comfortable and welcoming, and tend to showcase space rather than things.

  1. Industrial
Adelaide @ The Arcadia

As the name implies, industrial interior design is inspired by a warehouse or an urban loft. There’s a sense of rawness in this type of design, making the exposure of bricks, unfinished elements, ductwork, or wood is common, which ironically, complements the entirety of the design. Modern variants commonly include copper-tone accents. You can spot this design most in restaurants and buildings, but bringing the industrial decor into your home can provide a general rustic and mature feel.  In order to achieve an industrial-inspired home, think high-ceilings, old timber, and dangling metal light fixtures with scattered functional furniture. Pops of art can be added here and there to add a dash of color to a neutral scheme, which can be played in darker tones.

  1. Minimalist

Minimalist design takes the notions of a modern design and simplifies them further. Unlike the steel-themed interior of a modern home, minimalist homes play more on white rather than the steel. Like contemporary, it respects space rather than things. This design uses bare essentials in order to create a simple and uncluttered space. The color palettes of minimalist design are monochromatic, neutral, and airy, adopting today's modern trend of ‘less is more’. Nothing should be excessive and flamboyant and accessories and decor should be minimal. Instead of curved lines, use simple and ultra-clean, instead of creative furnishings, use streamlined and efficient.

  1. Bohemian

Bohemian (boho) interior design style covers the carefree and adventurous personality of the avant-garde lifestyle. It is the type of home aesthetics that will feature one’s creativity, fashion, and style, by the application of rich patterns and vibrant colors into one’s home. The design itself suggests a lifestyle that lets you follow your own rules and listen to what your heart thinks is best. The key to a perfect Bohemian interior is to throw in a “messy” look, layering your floors and beddings with warm, decorative colors that promote a fine ambiance. You can add tassels and tapestries as well to enhance the ethnic vibes. Moroccan and Southwestern vibes are now trending for this design, such as additions of souvenirs from one’s travels.

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