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Even though trends come and go, the creative aesthetic bedrooms that we've all seen on social media will always have a place. There's something about flora, patterns, wall décor, and texture that provides a sense of comfort and warmth while yet retaining that free-spirited atmosphere you desire. It's a design style that makes you feel like there's "no place like home"—even if you're living at home with your parents, in an apartment or a dorm room.

A Shelf Up High

Photo of Atlanta house model in The Arcadia

If you are looking for something to spice things up in your bedroom, you might want to consider putting a study table that has an up shelf. This can be a good tool to showcase your plant or any collection that you have. This shelf will surely give you the aesthetic vibe that you want. 

Plants On The Wall

Plants on wall
Photo of Adelaide house model in The Arcadia

To enjoy greenery indoors, you don't always have to keep plants on the floor. You can also hang them on the wall, which will protect your plants from your pets. It can also help you sleep at night.

Light Up A Gallery Wall

Photo of Adelaide house model in The Arcadia

A gallery wall is one of the most popular methods to adorn any boring wall; it's simple, and anybody can do it; take picture frames of your choosing and wall art, photos, messages, and other things you wish to exhibit. Adding lights to your gallery will definitely give your room the aesthetic vibe it needs. 

Cozy Reading Nook 

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Though a genuine book lover might cuddle up for hours on end just about anyplace, there's a reason why particular places—say, a hammock between two trees or a comfortable armchair before the fire—are ideal for reading. These places are cozy and seem unique as if they were created specifically for turning pages.
It’s time to give your room the aesthetic touch for a much cozy feeling! These tips are perfect whether you’re in a condo or a house in the suburbs. If you are looking for a permanent place to call your forever home, Suntrust The Arcadia in Porac, Pampanga may be the perfect one for you.  Click the link to know more.


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