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Leap Year happens once every four years and 2020 is the year when we will be blessed with an additional day on the 29th of February. To celebrate this special bonus day, many choose to enjoy fun activities with their family and friends; in this special Leap Year article, we have collated some of the more interesting ones that you can try to commemorate 29th February 2020.

Before that, let us first learn more about how Leap Year comes about:


What is commonly known about the number of days in a year is actually inaccurate – there aren’t 365 days in a year, but more specifically, 365.242190 days. This means that we will have one additional day every four years (0.242 days multiplied by 4). The extra day is 29th February.

Activities to try with the kids

  • Identify leaping animals

This is a great educational activity for pre-school children as it allows them to learn more about animals and their movements. You can also have them draw and color the animals, or let them mimic the movements of each. Some examples of leaping animals: kangaroo, frogs, grasshopper, hare.

  • Frog days

Frogs are typically associated with Leap Day (because they leap!) so any activity that involves frogs will be perfect for honoring the 29th of February. You can arrange a cupcake decorating party where everyone is given icing and other decorative ingredients to design their own “frog cake”; prepare origami paper and teach the children to fold their very own origami leaping frog (here is a useful link for instructions – Jumping Frog); play “Pin the kiss on the frog” – download a free printable for this game here.

  • Number 4 game

Leap Year happens once every 4 years and one fantastic game that you can play with the kids is the number 4 game- here is how it is played:

  1. Have all players sit in a circle or straight line
  2. Each person will count down starting from number 1
  3. Each time it is time for the number 4 and/or its multiple numbers (eg. 8, 12, 16, 20) to be called, the respective player must NOT call the number out but should instead jump up silently
  4. The same rule applies for any number with ‘4’ in it such as 14, 24, 34…

Activities for everyone

  • Leap Year Quiz

Everybody loves a good quiz and Leap Year is the perfect time to organize a fun and educational quiz for your closest friends and family. Here is a list of the more interesting Leap Year trivia that you can use in preparation for a Leap Year Quiz.

  • Write a letter to yourself

Where do you see yourself in 4 years’ time? What are some of the things you wish to achieve in the next few years? These are some of the topics you can include in a personal letter to yourself that you can write this upcoming Leap Year 2020 which you would then keep in a time capsule to be opened the next time Leap Year rolls around. Involve your family and friends in this activity and make it a meaningful event 4 years later when you all come together again to open this time capsule.

  • Famous Leap Year babies

Learn more about some of the more famous personalities who were born on the 29th of February and collate them together with your loved ones. These can include celebrities, politicians, scientists, artists, musicians etc.


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