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The end-of-year holiday season is just around the corner! Do you feel the excitement and celebratory mood yet? There is no better way to get into the spirit of the holidays than by sprucing up your home with gorgeous decorations. What makes these decorations even more awesome is if you made them with love and care yourself. In order to help you get started, here we have compiled a list of some of most beautiful and innovative holiday decorations that you can make yourself in the comfort of your own home with just a few simple and affordable items.

Level: Easy-Peasy

Apothecary jars

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Apothecary jars have been making the rounds in home décor magazines and lifestyle blogs in recent years and it is no surprise why these gorgeous containers are so popular! They are so versatile and you can keep them to use for different seasons, for example, fill them up with skulls and candied “eyeballs” for Halloween and switch it up with candy canes and decorative ribbons during the Christmas season.

Painted decorations

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This is an idea that you can work on with your children; all you need is some painting supplies and the item that you are going to use. Acorns will work for the Thanksgiving and Christmas season (you can even reuse them!). You can either dip the acorns and Christmas decorative globes in paint or glitter, or use a paintbrush to create some artsy brush strokes to show off your creativity.

Level: Takes a bit of skill

Sparkly Christmas Jars

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The best thing about DIY projects for the home is the fact that you can easily reuse recyclable items and transform them into beautiful decorative items to brighten up everyone’s mood. These Christmas sparkly jars are made from jam jars and all you need is a few empty jars with the labels removed, PVA glue, glitter and pretty ribbons – if you are using glitter glue, then you can omit the PVA glue.

Get started by first cleaning out the jars and drying them completely. Cover the outside of the jars completely in the glue and sprinkle glitter over it. Embellish with the ribbon and use it as a candlelight holder!

Hanging garland

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While it may look professionally-made and complex, this Christmas ornament garland is actually really simple to make. All you need is a wire clothes hanger and 25-35 of your favorite Christmas ornaments. Firstly, reshape the wiry clothes hanger into an “O”-shape and carefully, using a pair of pliers, unhook the end of the structure from the hook of the hanger. It will be from this open end that you will slip the Christmas ornaments onto the reshaped clothes hanger to form the garland. Once you have completely filled up the “O”-shaped part of the hanger, reattach the open hanger portion back to the hook of the hanger. Adorn your main door or your living room wall with this stunning Christmas garland that showcases your ornament collection and brings out the Christmas spirit!

Level: Will take up more time and you will need crafting experience

Wine cork Christmas tree

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This is one Christmas project that you can double up for use as a gift, either to party guests or to the hostess of the party you will be going to. Otherwise, you can make a few of these just to place around the house for decorative purposes.

You will need quite a number of wine corks (if you don’t have enough at home, you can consider asking relatives, friends or neighbors for theirs), a styrofoam cone (you can buy these at your local crafts store), wax paper, hot glue gun, brown paper bag, decorative bells, pompoms or dried flowers as embellishments. Start by wrapping the styrofoam cone with the brown paper bag, and then affix the corks onto the standing cone one by one, using the hot glue gun to secure each. Once the entire “tree” is complete, fill in any gaps with decorative bells, pompoms, dried flowers, marbles or small pine cones. You can choose to place a star on the top of the tree if you like.



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