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Easter season isn’t generally a celebration that requires us to go out. In fact, this is one of the many holidays that give us the perfect opportunity to bond with our family inside our homes. There are plenty of games and activities you can host within your household or even your backyard that can involve all members of the family. Here are some of the best activities and games you can try without risking your family’s safety by going out.

1.     Jelly Bean Guessing Game


This is an easy and known-by-all game that you can totally do indoors with your whole family! Enjoy with your loved ones of all ages picking and tasting jelly beans and then guessing each flavor. The person who gets the most number of correct guesses will win, but don’t be too confident, it isn’t too easy. Jelly bean flavors should not be the typical strawberry-lemon ones, but more complicated and unique flavours. Also, here’s a twist on this game: The yummy Jelly bean candies are mixed with odd-flavored ones, so be careful on picking your beans or you might be surprised by a burst of not-so-pleasant flavors! This is a good game that will surely entertain the whole family or set of friends who will play.

2.     Plant Flowers


As Easter means celebrating life and rebirth, one worthwhile activity during the season is to plant flowers with your loved ones. Apart from the fact that you and your family are able to help uphold the beauty of your surroundings (and Mother Earth as well), this is also a nice bonding opportunity for you and your loved ones. Plant flowers on your newly-purchased vases or plant them outside and create a beautiful and colourful garden, building a vibrant Easter facade. You can also turn these into a source of income by selling them to your relatives, neighbors, or even as a mini-shop.

3.     Easter Egg Hunt


Of course, in every Easter tradition, egg hunting will always be there. This is the way kids will have fun while keeping close to the season’s traditions. Paint and decorate eggs with your kids a day prior the day of the hunt. This way, not only you’ll all have fun during the hunting game, but you’ll have the perfect chance to get together in doing a task as well. Hide these decorated Easter eggs around the house and scatter them in hidden spaces inside your backyard. Then, when morning comes, start the hunt with your kids and their friends for a fun-filled, physically active experience.

4.     Decorate an Easter Egg Tree

Once all the Easter eggs are found, round them all up and do something great about it—decorate your own family’s Easter egg tree! This will be your family’s long-standing symbol of your latest Eastertide activity, and it’s a good thing that your kids will have something that they will remember about the fun activity too. Pick a tree from your backyard and let your kids decorate the tree the way they want using the Easter eggs they found on their previous hunt. You can join them too by helping them reach the higher parts of the tree!

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