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This Easter season, there’s no better way than spending every Sunday with the people who matter most –your family. And with no signs so far of the travel restrictions easing down soon, spending them at home will surely be the best move. Apart from plenty of indoor activities you can make or recreate, there’s also one activity that is sure to be enjoyed by all members of the family regardless of age –arts and crafts! So gather up all your artsy papers and pens and start painting and drawing with your kids!

  1. Bunny Handprints
Image source: Youtube

We don’t know the answer as to why, but what we do know is that kids love getting messy with paints and stuff. So, this idea may be the perfect craft for your little kiddos. Painting a bunny rabbit handprint is pretty simple as well. Why? Because you won’t need an ultra artsy talent in order to paint perfect bunnies, all you’ll need are your hands! It’s very easy to make plus you can even customize it any way you want. First, paint your child’s hand with white paint. Upon completing the shape of the entire hand, make them squeeze their pinky and ring finger together and their pointer and middle finger. Tell them to press their hand down as hard as they could onto a colored paper. Once their handprints are on the paper, you may start drawing a bunny face, starting with two little dots as eyes, whiskers, nose, and its cute lips. Then you’re all set! This will serve as a perfect Easter card as you literally personalized it with your hand!

  1. Paper Lilies
Image source: www.etsy.com

Let’s make another craft using the actual shape of your kids’ hands, but this time, let’s make lilies. First, trace your kid’s hands on a light colored paper. It doesn’t necessarily have to be white, you can be more creative and use pastel colors that are pleasing to the eyes. Then cut them out and erase the pencil tracings. Once done, curl the bottom of the cut-out handprint into the shape of a cone, leaving a very small hole at the bottom or the tip, just big enough for a pipe cleaner to enter. After which, use an invisible tape to hold it in place. Then, use a round pencil, a ballpen, or a crayon to curl the edges of each finger one by one, going outward. Use a green pipe cleaner (or any color of your choice, you can be creative) as the stem and poke it through the middle of the hand printed flower, pulling it all the way through. You can also add some other colors of pipe cleaners to diversify and add an accent on your lilies. Repeat the steps on five more lilies to make a hand printed bouquet!

  1. Cotton Ball Bunny Cards
Image source: ourkidthings.com

Easter crafts isn’t necessarily a set of artsy activities that needs to be perfect and polished. We all know that the reason behind all this is for us to have fun! So when making our cards for our friends and loved ones, why not put some fun on it and get the kids involved? Exert extra effort that goes beyond handwriting your cards (instead of typing them) and own them by crafting it with your own hands and your little one’s. For this, one perfect idea would be making a cotton ball bunny card. Many parents love how easy and simple this craft is to make, and even when you’re not the best in art, you can still have a very good outcome! For the first step, you have an option either to trace your kids’ hands again or to download and print bunny templates online. Then, once you have all the lines traced, put glue on the lines or borders of the bunny face. Afterwards, glue cotton balls one by one, tracing the borders of the bunny face. Once done, you can add more colors by painting its nose, whiskers, mouth, and ears. Attach googly eyes for the finishing touch. And there you have it, a fluffy bunny card for your loved ones this Easter. What makes it more special is the fact that you created it with your child.

  1. Painted Easter Eggs
Image source: Pexels

Our Easter activities wouldn’t be complete without the Easter egg hunt, would it? And of course, the hunt itself isn’t the only fun thing in Easter egg hunts, because the painting is as much as fun! Get your Easter eggs ready for painting and prepare all the colors you’ll need. Round up all the members of the household and embark on a crafty weekend with the little ones. Prepare inspirations and ideas for you and your whole family to try. But of course, it’s always better to encourage your kids to be creative.

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