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The archipelago of Philippines, with its staggering 7,000 islands that span 300,000 square kilometers, is certainly not lacking in beautiful cities and gorgeous beaches. Strategically located on the island of Mindanao and home to over 1.6 million Filipinos. Davao City is the cultural, commercial and economic hub of the South.

Davao offers the best of many worlds to both visitors and residents – the mighty Mt. Apo looms in the back, providing lush greenery and nature parks, and sandy beaches are only a short car ride away. What else is there to do in stunning Davao, and how do you truly enjoy its rich heritage, vibrant culture and mouthwatering cuisine?

For the adventurers

Davao Crocodile Park

Where else in the world can you visit a sanctuary that is not only home to an 18-feet saltwater crocodile (the mighty Pangil), but also to snakes, orangutans, and butterflies? It is none other than in the popular Davao Crocodile Park, where the eco-system of Davao is showcased in all its vibrancy. In addition to the many types of wildlife that you can observe in the crocodile park, there are also educational tours and lectures available, as well as exciting activities like zip-lining and wild water rafting!

Property highlight: One Lakeshore Drive is within close proximity to the Davao Crocodile Park

Philippines Eagle Center

Photo source: Pexel.com

Since 2007, the Philippines Eagle Center, located at the foot of Mt. Apo, now houses 36 Philippine Eagles. All the money that the center earns goes towards Eagle education and conservation. Upon entering the Philippines Eagle Center, you will be stunned by the rainforest setting and the serenity of the place as one of the guidelines that visitors have to abide by while in the conservation center is to keep noise levels down so as not to startle the animals.

The highlights of the Philippine Eagle Center are undoubtedly the Philippine Eagle Ambassadors --  Fighter and Mindanao. They are the only 2 Philippine Eagles in the open enclosure. And visitors can observe them in all their majesty and  take this rare opportunity to snap close shots of these wondrous creatures. The Philippine Eagle is now critically endangered and the conservation efforts made by the center to bring awareness to and protect the species are nothing short of commendable and truly amazing.

Mt. Apo

Photo source: www.wikimedia.org

No trip to Davao is complete without a visit to the “King of Philippine Peaks”, the majestic Mt. Apo. It is the highest mountain in the Philippines, standing at an impressive 10,311 feet above sea level and the average time it takes to reach the summit is 2 whole days. There are a total of 7 routes to choose from for hikers interested in taking on the challenge of climbing Mt. Apo, and in the months of March, April and October, there are also hiking trips organized by tour groups that will take you to the summit. Along the way to the top of Mt Apo are numerous rubber plantations, a beautiful waterfall – “Tudaya Falls”, and a 500-meter wide crater lake.

For the gourmands

Roxas Adventure Night Market


Due to its central location in the heart of Davao City, the Roxas Adventure Night Market is the perfect place to pop by in the evening to take in a taste of the region. The stalls in the night market open at 5pm and not long after that you will find your senses titillated by the various local delicacies like barbecued meats and seafood, rich soups, and refreshing drinks.

Civet coffee

Photo source: Pexel.com

Coffee connoisseurs will be familiar with the civet coffee brew that goes through a natural harvesting process by the civet, a type of wild animal that has been commonly mistaken for mongoose. The deep flavor of the civet coffee comes from the process of the civet first eating and digesting coffee cherries, which are then harvested and made into the rich coffee brew that is loved by “Javaphiles” all over the world.

For the culture lovers

Kadayawan Village

The Kadayawan Village in Magsaysay Park is a cultural hub wherein the Five Lumad tribes, the natives of Davao, showcase their dynamic history and heritage. The Five Lumad tribes consist of 11 individual tribes and each has their own tribal house in the Kadayawan Village. Visitors are warmly welcomed by representatives of the tribes and are free to explore the various instruments, trinkets and costumes on display.


Chinatown districts worldwide are typically known for their delicious food, cheap shopping and beautiful architecture. The Mindanao Chinatown is no different. Spanning over 44 hectares, you will find restaurants, shops and malls run by Chinese Filipinos who settled in the region decades ago. A highlight of Chinatown here is the Long Hua Temple and the Mindanao Taoist Temple, both of which offer Instagrammable moments with their vibrant structural design and rich cultural background.

Property highlight: One Lakeshore Drive is within close proximity to the Long Hua Temple

One Lakeshore Drive

One Lakeshore Drive is Suntrust Properties Inc.'s premier condominium project in Davao City located inside Megaworld's township development - The Davao Park District.


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