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Designing the insides of your home can be as exciting as the first time you set foot on it. It gives you thrills, a rush of creative ideas, and sometimes you just can’t pick which color combination fits best. There are a lot of things to consider when you think of it. The paint of your walls, the colors that give you a certain nostalgic moment, or the colors that best speak to you. Any designer knows that color has power. It has the power to create and set moods and ambiance of a home, so deciding on your interior’s color palette can be fairly tricky. The first step you should take is to understand which combinations work most beautifully. See these ideas of the colors that make the most beautiful palettes.

1.     Ocean’s Bed (Sand + Navy)

Image credit: www.sandandsisal.com

Who needs the beach when you can take the beach with you home? Well, you can’t exactly take home the fresh ocean breeze and the soothing morning sun, but you can definitely bring the sea vibes within your household. Cover your couches and beds with sand-colored covers while wrapping your pillows with navy-colored sheaths. Just thinking about it now feels soothing, isn’t it? Add more accents of white within your rooms like the curtains, the doors, or even your coffee table. Bask in the beach atmosphere of your interiors while filling your eyes with a DIY Santorini view.

2.     Barbie (Aqua + Raspberry)

Image credit: awol.junkee.com

If you’re fancying a bright representation of your inner chic personality, then the Barbie theme is perfect for you. Everytime you think of the classic Ms. Barbie who has probably accompanied you throughout your childhood, the most prominent colors that pop in your mind are these two—pink and blue. But there’s a plethora of pink and blue shades to choose from. So for the perfect Barbie girl set-up, choose the combination of Aqua and Raspberry. The stylish influence of aqua matches elegantly with raspberry, making any room delicately pretty and strong.

3.     Wes Anderson (Electric Yellow + Periwinkle)

Image credit: pinterest.com

If you’re a fan of good and classic films that don’t only entertain your soul through its stories but also make you gape upon its precisely world-building coloration, then you might want to consider Wes Anderson-inspired hues. The renowned director is famous for his very particular play on pastel hues that generally create a unique world. So if you’re up for that, you can start with this popular combination—electric yellow with periwinkle hints. Soothe your eyes with an electric yellow wallpaper and pillows paired with periwinkle lampshade, curtains, and couch.

4.     The Book Nook (Coffee Brown + Navy)

Image credit: elledecor.com

Can’t get enough of the navy? You can match the color with many other hues. Navy has the ability to morph seamlessly with dark-shaded colors and accentuate light ones. Coffee brown walls feel neutral, providing the perfect foundation for a navy-hued bedding, pillow cases, and even bedside table and windowpane.


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