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Sometimes, upon purchasing a new home, the feeling isn’t just complete. You want your home to pop not only on the outside, but also inside where all the best moments take place. There are lots and lots of options when it comes to designing your home, but one thing that you’re often really excited to choose is the color theme. Color combinations evoke moods, emotions, and stories within a room. What colors are you planning to play with for your home’s accent? If you haven’t decided any yet, let these ideas guide you for a more vibrant interior that stands out.

1.     THE BACHELOR (Teal + Charcoal)


If this scenery is giving you a romantic comedy movie vibe, then you’re on the right perspective. A color palette that plays with masculine hues such as charcoal and teal clearly goes for a bachelor pad look. Airy, fresh, and minimalist—obviously the vibes you expect to feel inside a bachelor’s room. This color combination is perfect for studio units or 1-bedroom. Complete the room’s get-up with marbled sink tiles and gray curtains for an ultimately professional and handsome interior.

2.     REGENCY (Pearl Pink + Pea Green)


If you’re a fan of the classic Georgian era or perhaps at least enjoyed the fine-lighted setting of Regency drama Bridgerton, then you might consider the combinations of pearl pink and pea green. Given its subtle pastel take on white, pearl pink will definitely transform your home into a relaxing view, and paired with pea green, everyday will be like a historical drama. Wake up feeling like the famous Elizabeth Bennet everyday in a room that provides escapism to an era we don’t live in. Add matching white curtains too to elevate the pastel colors surrounding the comforts of your home.

3.     THE ELEGANT CHIC (Lilac + Coral)


A room of soft pinks and purples that is dominated by lilac bedding and coral chairs or bedside table apparently stands out. The coral accent adds life to the paleness of lilac undertones and the combination actively displays a fancy room, without the need to add fancy decors and gold or silver accents, making it look comfortably elegant.

4.     2021 (Yellow + Gray)


Owning a home right at the start of the year is definitely one of the best ways to kick start your year. So if you’re already into designing the interiors of your home, why not align the color combination to 2021’s lucky colors? Certainly, before 2021, the yellow and gray combination hasn’t been eye-catching. It might have even been thought absurd to put the two together. Yet, 2021 says otherwise. Now, this combination is one of the most popular trends. So try adding a sunny accent to your dark themed rooms and witness the hues play with vintage shades that will surely enliven your room.

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