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The one day in the year to show all the fathers in the world, even people who stand as pillars of their homes, is nearly coming. Since mother’s day had just passed, you may or may not have already listed some gift ideas for your dad for the upcoming father’s day celebration. Aside from planned cake surprises and dining out, there are a lot more options you can choose from as a gift for that special man. So, if you’re still confused, or haven’t done any thinking yet, let these ideas guide you to give the best Father’s day gift to your father, husband, stepfather, or grandfather.

  1. Wooden family portrait

If you’re thinking of giving your father, grandfather, or husband something that is not only for material gains but for something with sentimental value as well, then there’s no better time to give them a wooden family frame than on Father’s day. Apart from its appealing aesthetic, which complements most minimalist atmospheres today, it also resonates with whom you are giving the gift to. It is best to put on family photos of all of you together as a family, a person or a pet he used to love, or a picture of him with his pet. Also, the wood accent is rising into popularity lately, especially when put or associated with other things in the house such as cabinets, chairs, tables, frames, paintings, and the like. Aside from putting a photo, you can show your creativity too by putting a painting in it instead of a photo, or if you’re not too artistic, then anything that looks like a painting will be cool. After all, it’s the thought that always matters.

  1. Personalized pillow

If you are looking for something that can be personalized and can be fully usable as well, there could nothing be better as a pillow gift that screams “Happy Father’s Day” all over. You can even spray it with his favorite cologne to make him chuckle too. There are plenty of stores online that offer free printing services as inclusion to the pillow you buy. When it comes to your loved ones, it’s always better to go with personalized or customized items. Why? It shows that you think of them, how much you know them, and that you pay attention to their likes and dislikes. So if you’re a little bit lost with what you are going to give your father, husband, or grandfather, you can never go wrong with a personalized pillow.

  1. Plant

During the quarantine period, one of the hobbies that many used to love is gardening or nurturing plants. Then, we coined the term “plantito” and “plantita” for these plant parents that ventured into caring for plants for so many reasons. Indoor plants have a plethora of benefits not only for your home aesthetic, but for your body and well being as well. Plants can help boost your mood, productivity, concentration, and creativity. Plants are also proven to reduce stress and fatigue. Aside from these, they are also natural air purifiers, absorbing toxins in the air and therefore improving our health. So if your father or grandfather is a fan of plants, then perhaps this is the best time to give them something to add to their collection. Better yet, this can even be their first pnat, and the very reason that will make them a plantito.

  1. Furniture

You know what most dads and granddads would definitely love? New furniture. Yes, that’s right. But that doesn’t mean you have to purchase a huge wooden table or antique wooden mirrors hanging on large wooden cabinets to complete this gift. Even teeny tiny furniture can make your special man’s day. Better yet, choose multi-functioning furniture to add joy to your gift! You can try a small coffee table with extra storage underneath, a couch with expandable armrest to pamper him after a long day at work, or perhaps as simple as a foldable breakfast table to surprise your father every morning. Every little gift counts, as long as it comes from the heart.

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