Four Strategic Places to Put your Halloween Decor | Suntrust Properties Inc.

Halloween is just around the corner again, doesn’t time just fly fast? Anyway, is your home Halloween-ready yet? You might be stressing where to put all the decorations you are thinking of preparing. “Should I hang them outside? Put them on the mirror? Wrap around furniture?” There are plenty of ways for you to decorate your home this spooky season, but if you feel like you’re a little lost on where to start, here are ideas on the most strategic places to put your Halloween decor this season to spice up your family’s day!

1. Staircase


When people fill their homes with Halloween decorations galore, they usually cover a lot of areas in their home – the living room, the front door, porch, and bedrooms – but many people forget the staircase. The stairs actually provide a lot of decorating opportunities to make an eerie and spooky mood of the Halloween season. If you are hosting a Halloween party or if you just want to impress trick-or-treaters, don’t forget to try one of these decorating ideas for the staircase. Here’s an idea for a spooky spider-webbed staircase. All you need are black paper, pumpkins, and a fake skull. Cut out spiders from black paper and stick them along the staircase walls. Display the pumpkins on the stairs and the skull on the stair’s newel post.

2. Tables


Who says all your Halloween decor has to be put outside for the neighbors to see? Decorating for Halloween doesn't just stop at the front door! There are many options to explore when it comes to decorating on the interior of your home and not just the exterior. Have some fun with the centrepieces for your dinner table, and make it a family affair! The kids can help create spooky crafts for each person's table setting, and the gothic, spooky dinner table can even be dimly lit to get the full effect.  Decorate your tables with spooky figurines. Even if you don’t have any, you can make them yourself fairly easily. Or, try looking at local thrift shops for inexpensive Halloween figurines. Plus, if you shop off-season, you’ll be more likely to find some good stuff!

3. Walls


While most people may not think much of decorating the walls during the Halloween season there are actually a number of different things you can do to be festive. If you’re a fan of the gallery wall trend, try a Halloween-themed one. You don’t have to buy expensive art—you can make most of it yourself. The striped spider art is made with scrapbook paper and a plastic spider that was spray-painted silver. And the taxidermy is made by cutting the head off a fake crow from the craft store and gluing it onto a wooden plaque.  You can also add black or orange paper to your walls. Or perhaps a Halloween poster. If you go the black or orange paper route, you can decorate it using crayons or markers.

4. Ceilings


Another area that not everyone thinks to decorate is ceilings. But if you do decide to decorate the ceilings in your home, it can really add to the creepy ambiance during Halloween. Remember those nasty vampire cocoons in Van Helsing? Well, if you’re totally sick of bats, cats, rats, and witches, then you might consider taking on a scary movie theme for Halloween decorating purposes. Create some hanging ghost decorations by wrapping tennis balls or anything round and average-shaped inside lace cloths. The lace on these hanging ghost decorations gives them a vintage feel. Then place black sewing pins on the heads of the ghosts for little “eyes.” Now, isn’t that spooky?

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