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With school and work cancelled under the enhanced community quarantine, you’ve been spending more time at home with your kids than ever. The first couple of days might have been nice, but now the little ones are bored and you’re running out of ideas to keep them entertained. Good thing we’ve compiled this list of fun indoor activities you can do to bond with your children while we’re all stuck at home.


suntrust indoor baking

There is nothing more fun to children than an activity that allows them to be creative and eat the fruit of their labor afterwards. Take out your baking pans and make cookies, brownies, or other no-brainer pastries with your kids for a busy afternoon in the kitchen. Don’t be afraid to let them take over!

Household Chores

suntrust household chores

Young ones love it when the adults get them involved, so let them help you out with household chores. Something as simple as putting clothes you’ve folded up in the closet or organizing their toys will not only keep your kids occupied, it will also teach them the value of tidying up at home.

Arts and Crafts

suntrust arts and crafts

DIY projects are fun for both kids and adults, so this is something you can do with the whole family. Look up YouTube tutorials for step-by-step instructions on how to make slime, paper-bead accessories, fairy jars and more.

Pretend Nail Salon

suntrust pampering

Bond with your girls by painting each other’s nails with fun colors. If you want to make it more interesting, look up nail art ideas and tutorials online.

Indoor Picnic

suntrust indoor picnic

Who says you can’t go on a picnic while staying home? Simply lay out a blanket on your living room floor or out in your garden and feast on your kids’ favorite sandwiches. Complete the experience with a cute picnic basket.

Scavenger Hunt

suntrust covid 19 indoor

Hide your kids’ favorite toys or snacks all over the house for an indoor scavenger hunt! To make it even more exciting, prepare a grand prize for whoever finds the most items on the list before bedtime.

Pizza Making

suntrust pizza making

Encourage imagination and resourcefulness in your children by making all kinds of pizza with whatever ingredients you can find in the kitchen. Use pan de sal or a slice of bread instead of actual pizza dough, or make mini peanut butter-and-chocolate-chip “pizzas” if you’re a family with a sweet tooth.

Collage Making

suntrust arts covid 19

Make collages using a piece of cartolina, cut-outs from old magazines, and coloring materials like crayons and watercolor paint. Spread out old newspapers on the floor so you don’t have to worry about things getting a little messy.

Video Call Play Dates

suntrust video call

Isolation can be tough on young children, especially when they can no longer hang out with their friends and playmates from school. Set up video call dates with family and friends so they can still socialize and maintain a sense of normalcy.

Story Time

suntrust story time

Nothing beats just sitting together in your Suntrust home and reading your favorite books with your kids. Schedule story time at the same time everyday (either around afternoon nap time or right before bedtime) and snuggle with your kids as you enjoy the stories unfold.

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