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All of us have that inevitable dream to have a spacious bathroom where we can install a shower, even a bathtub, and our very own walk-in closet before its entrance. The bathroom may be one of the areas in our home where we least spend our time in, but admit it, if you have such a roomy bathroom, you’ll definitely spend a lot more time inside, even read magazines, books, spend your social media time, and take long hot baths while taking a sip of wine. Yes, that’s the dream. But the thing is, even though you don’t have a wide tiled bathroom floor and an immense shower area, you can still enjoy your bathroom space like it’s a big one. How? Surprisingly, there are plenty of ways to maximize your space in your bathroom without extending it even a little bit. See this list for some of the most helpful ways and design principles/techniques to help you enjoy your bathroom space like a pro:

  1. Use a glass enclosure

Do you ever wonder why most condominium units use glass as separation between the toilet and the shower area? First, it’s aesthetically pleasing. When you walk into the bathroom and see the see-through glass highlighting your shower area, it just adds elegance somehow, and it adds value. Yet, there is another reason why designers prefer using glass. Technically, glass creates the illusion of expanding a certain space, making it look bigger than its actual size. So get rid of the shower curtain or fronted-glass shower doors and opt for a glass enclosure that creates a subtle and visual divider between your main area and your shower or tub instead. It will open up the shower area, making it a part of the entire room and giving the appearance of more space.

  1. Use space above the toilet for storage

The next time you are in your bathroom, observe how much vertical space in your bathroom isn’t being used. If you see only plain walls all around, then you might not be maximizing the power of hanging your extra storage space. Typically, the space above a toilet is vacant.  Especially, if you have higher ceilings than the minimum clearance you can install decorative storage shelves to house bathtub salts, soaps, scrubs, and the like, in a decorative basket. If you aren’t concerned about the décor, use the shelf for storing extra toilet paper and cleaners to free up valuable storage area below the sink. You can also install cabinets above the sink where you can put all your toiletries, and if you want it to be more space-saving, you can install a vanity mirror that opens up as a cabinet.

  1. Use natural light from above

Most bathrooms or toilet and bath areas do not have wide window openings readily installed, which wouldn’t be advisable as well if you live in the city or a crowded community. But here in our country, bathrooms often have a single hole somewhere in its walls as a window. So the lack of natural light decreases its cozy appearance and makes it a bit darker or gloomier inside. If you want to rectify this, you can install or bring in light from the top of your bathroom ceiling. Consider bringing in light with a skylight or a sun lighting tube. A sun lighting tube is installed from the roof down into your bathroom and utilizes reflective material to bounce light down into the room.  You will be surprised how bright your bathroom looks when you add natural light from above. Plus, the light that bounces back within the room illuminates it better, creating the illusion of a wider space.

  1. Maximize space, minimize clutter.

One golden rule in maximizing any space in any area of your home is keeping it clutter-free. Of course, that applies to the bathroom as well. One way to expand your bathroom space is minimizing the accessories you have. Try it minimalist style, keep all your things in one place in each category. Sort them for baths, toiletries, and others, and keep them in one place separated by tags or partitions. This way, you’ll have an empty space under the sink or beside your shower, and an ample space in your bathroom floor. Ensure as well that the floor space is kept clear and uncluttered. If you choose to use a rug, use 1 large one as opposed to several small ones.  The more separate pieces you have, the more the floor space is broken up visually.  One rug will unify the floor as one large whole and maximize your bathroom area.

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