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Everyone deserves a home they would love for generations. But for you to deeply connect with your home, you have to put a piece of your personality in it. But usually, home renovations cost a fortune, and if you’re not yet financially ready for this big step yet, then it might be better to just stick with your old home design for quite a while until you earn enough. However, what others don’t figure out easily is that you can actually renovate your home even on a little budget. Home renovation doesn’t have to be costly. Think strategically about the materials, design, and timing of your renovation project. To stick to a tight budget, do simple tasks yourself, collaborate with a contractor, and be on the lookout for sales. Here are some inexpensive tips that can be useful on your next #SuntrustHomeRenovation activity.

Know where to shop for affordable home decor


When shopping for home decors, it’s understandable if you get too excited and spend a lot more money than you should on beautiful items that catch your attention. Always keep in mind that a budget home renovation requires budget items too. But don’t worry, here in our country, there are tons of shops, stores, and tiangge where you can shop and buy what you need, all in assorted designs too! To keep your home decor costs to a minimum, do your shopping at tiangges and surplus shops where items are sold for cheap. You can order from the online shops as well to ease you of the traffic and inconvenience. But remember to buy only what you need, and not those that seem pretty to the eyes.

Do small home renovation tasks yourself


Home renovation includes a lot of tasks, including demolishing, cleaning, boxing up things and boxing them out again, painting, finishing touches, and others. This could take up a huge chunk from your budget. Although professional assistance is required for major tasks like electrical works or new fixture installations, you can save money by doing some simple tasks yourself. If you can do some of the renovation tasks like simple painting, cleaning, or building up furniture or fences, or at least do it with the help of friends and family, then the overall total of your planned home renovation will be a lot less. Don’t be afraid to DIY! You can do moderate DIY tasks such as painting your walls or building a headboard. Besides, you can definitely learn to DIY your home through Youtube.

Refresh your home with a new paint job


One of the easiest steps to do in a home renovation plan is to repaint. A fresh coat of paint might just be the only thing you need to give your home a whole new look. Besides, it is a lot cheaper and easier than tearing up your walls and changing the entire structure of your house. And it works wonders in enhancing the ambiance of your space without having to buy furniture and decors. On the plus side, if you really are on a tight budget, you can even do the repainting yourself, and you can even spice this activity up by involving your whole family to do it! And if you still are a bit short on budget, you can just repaint your doors, window casings, and cabinets. This will instantly give your home a makeover while saving significantly on paint.

Maximize existing spaces


If your furniture and other things are no longer fitting inside your home, it is normal to want a bigger space for your house. This is one advantage, in fact, of having your own home, because you are free to expand it and restructure it however you please. However, doing so can cost you a fortune too. Expanding a home, such as building an additional room/loft or extending an existing room, requires a huge budget. But there are plenty of ways to maximize your space without leaving a huge dent on your finances. You can start by removing clutter to create more space. Not using it anymore? Sell it on a garage sale, give it to relatives or friends, or donate it to charities or victims of natural disasters. By doing this, you can help others and add some earnings for your little renovation as well. Adding storage in each room helps organize things and maximizes your space. Set up overhead shelves, floating shelves, under-the-bed storage space, and built-in cabinets where appropriate. Another trick most people use is to install mirrors to create the illusion of bigger spaces.

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