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The era of huge social gatherings and indoor parties are now gone, and we don’t know when these used-to-be-fun get-togethers and reunions will be back. But what we do know now is that parties and get-togethers can adjust too. Due to limitations brought by safety protocols being implemented, the rising trend nowadays is dining al fresco, which is actually making us ask ourselves lately, “why haven’t we thought of doing that?” Al fresco dining seems so much more refreshing, and it takes us to a whole different world of dining. And it’s a little frustrating that we have only appreciated it now. Nevertheless, we can still enjoy our new discovery, especially in this summer season! If you’re tired of postponing and postponing your planned gatherings here and there because of changing protocols, well here are some ideas that will help you stage the perfect outdoor gathering that will definitely align with your area’s safety measures. See this guide for a perfectly cozy outdoor get-together:

  1. Lighting

If you are hosting a gathering during the day, natural lighting wouldn’t be a problem. The only concern you might encounter, however, is the prickly summer heat. Here in the country, there are only two types of summer heat: the fresh, windy vibe where the wind blows directly into your face, and the prickly, humid heat where it’s either no wind blows on your face or if there is, it’s all hot and sticky. And since you can’t actually control the weather, when your gathering date takes place in the prickly kind of summer, then you better wait for the sun to come down and have a festive, finely-lit chill party instead. Who wouldn’t love outdoor string lights and warm white Christmas lights to light up your front porch or backyard? This is perfect for all types of outdoor parties, from casual barbecue night, to classy steak and wine dinner date, adding the perfect balance of lighting will make anything look perfect. If you are having a camping party, you can even light up a small fire to add up to the scene. The best part in this is you can customize your lighting depending on your theme or just based on how you want to.

  1. Seating

When we are hosting any gathering, may it be an indoor or an outdoor one, our main goal is to make sure our guests are comfortable. And one of the most important factors in achieving a comfortable guest experience is the seating. Some may think or even stress over what type of seating they should arrange or rent for. Some choose the fanciest ones, others choose the most good-looking ones. Some base their choices on color, while others choose depending on the cost. While all the aforementioned factors are important, the most significant thing you should be considering first is the comfort. When hosting an event, you should always prioritize comfort. Make them feel like they are home. You can throw in some pillows above the seats to serve as cushions. If you’re hosting a chill movie night under the stars, you can lay down bean bags or picnic blankets, throw in pillows and popcorn and get cozy.  Setting up the seating can also help you analyze the social distancing rules and apply them beforehand.

  1. Refreshments

The summer heat is undoubtedly dehydrating, and although hosting a get-together outside is a lot more refreshing alone, you still have to come prepared for the heat of the direct sunlight or the hot summer air during the night. Make sure that your guests are never dehydrated by placing drinks at every corner of a table or tent and refilling them from time to time. As the gathering host, one thing you should prioritize is checking your guests refreshers if they need a refill or not. However, remember that you should practice the proper sanitation and cleanliness when refilling drinks, especially when it comes to glassware. You should monitor this for the guests as well. Put up signs where to put clean glasses and used glasses so no one will mistake their glasses for anyone else’s. You can also wash and sterilize your glassware from time to time in order to make sure that you are following guidelines.

  1. Weather-readiness (Plan B)

However pleasing the idea of an outdoor gathering is, let’s face it, we can never control the weather. And if you have been living in this country for a while now, you’ll know that the weather here is pretty surprising and unpredictable. One minute it was scorching hot, then it was raining the next. So, the best thing to do when hosting an outdoor event is to have a backup plan in case rain fell. But it will still be up to you, of course. If you have your family around for a birthday, you can prepare the inside of your home to be your retreat haven in case the weather stirs differently. If you are having  a pool party or upbeat gathering of some sort, however, you can enjoy the rain and embrace it as part of your party. You know, like in those films and music videos? Or, you can just have tents ready to secure you in case the sunny morning turns into a rainy afternoon.

Either way, you don’t really have to put so much pressure on yourself, just enjoy the party with your loved ones. After all, it’s not really the venue or the food or the setting that matters, but who you are with.

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