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 Months or years after moving into your new home, it is impossible to have less things and furniture than the day you moved in, so struggling to increase your storage space is normal. There are many tricks in turning your filled-up spaces into a minimalist view without the need to throw stuff away. Here’s a list to guide you in increasing your storage space at home:

1.       Make the most of your coffee table

It is better to choose a coffee table that has extra storage space below, so it will be easy for you to stash away any clutter you need to put away from sight before heading out or when guests come over. This extra space can also serve as a permanent storage for items you need in short distance in the living room such as magazines, books, remote controls, and the like.

2.       Take advantage of the space above your cabinets

What usually takes up more space in kitchens are those kitchenware or condiments that you seldom use but can’t get rid of because there might be a time when you’ll be needing them. The trick here is to store them above your overhead cabinets. Yes, that space above your kitchen cabinets. Place them in wire baskets or use color-coding. Aside from additional storage space, this also makes your kitchen look stylish.

3.       Turn your doors into storage spaces

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Thanks to the advancements of today, installing additional cabinets behind doors is now normal. Use this to store things that should come in handy or things that you usually forget before going out. You can place your car or room keys in there so you won’t forget before heading out, essentials that need to be neatly organized but easy to pack away as well, perfume, powder, and everything else that are light enough for the small cabinet to handle.

4.       Hang them up

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When thinking of extra storage, you don’t always have to think horizontally. Think vertical like bulletin boards or special hangers. Bulletin boards are not only good for holding up notes, they can also be a good storage (and display) for necklaces, bracelets, and even rings and earrings. Hanging them up is better than storing them in jewelry boxes to avoid entanglement.

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