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We’re on our second month of the year! What major changes have you started doing yet? If you haven’t started any, it isn’t too late. You can start small by redecorating your bedroom. Are you getting tired of the same old sheets and curtains? Maybe it’s time to transform your bedroom and have a completely different scene every time you wake up! Check these tips for practical and inexpensive tricks in transforming your bedroom:

1.     Hang your furniture


One trick to increase your storage space inside your room is to hang your furniture. But the bonus of this is the improvement in aesthetics. Say a bookshelf, instead of organizing your books in a rack, why not stack them vertically? Put stair-like steps on your wall and shelve your books alphabetically, by fiction, or whatever order you please. Make sure to match them to your room design as well, to maintain an aesthetic ambiance. You can do the same for your jewelry holders too. Or even lamps. It’s easy and at the same time doesn’t cost a lot!

2.     Ramp up your lighting


This isn’t the same old fluorescent bulbs we’re talking about here. Add more lights that will bring art to your room. Try replacing your lamp, perhaps? We have a lot more options of new and exciting lamp designs now, and adding one to your room might just do the trick. Or maybe throw in some fairy lights or string lights. Copper really does a great job making a room look more magical and even fancy. You can even try suspending lanterns or if you have a bigger space, perhaps a quirky chandelier. Lighting can really transform your room from boring to a perfect nook.

3.     Add plants


When it comes to adding plants inside your home, you can never have too many. Whether you’re a starting plant parent or you have fancied sheltering home plants ever since you can remember, transforming your room into your own mini garden will never be too much. Plants have plenty of benefits to our mental and physical well-being so your little room transformation can have other advantages too. Collect all shapes and sizes, all types and color, and wake up every morning in the freshness of nature.

4.     Rearrange your furniture

If you want to change how your room looks without spending a single penny, the easiest way is to rearrange your furniture! From your bed to your closet, you can surely do a lot of changes just by moving things from one place to another. Who knows, you might even discover some tricks on how to maximize your room space? Or you can even declutter as well. And the best part is it’s totally free!


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