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Looking for a Vacation Home in Baguio? Check Out This Suntrust Property!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your very own vacation home — one that’s located in none other than the City of Pines, Baguio City? You could take a road trip to Baguio anytime you feel the need to unwind, enjoy the breeze of cool mountain air, and refresh your spirit without having to find an accommodation every time. Whether you are considering or already in the process of finding a Baguio vacation home, Sofia Terraces, Suntrust Properties’ newest condominium project, just might be the one you are looking for. Designed for its residents to enjoy the cold weather and serenity of the mountainside in the comforts of their own home, it is exactly what one wants in a second home and more! Here’s why you should check out The Sofia Terraces.

Enjoy the perks of a low-density condo.

The Sofia Terraces in Baguio City

Sofia Terraces is also a low-density condominium on top of its amazing location, so you will experience peace and quiet for your entire stay. With fewer units than the average building, a smaller community ensures less noise, less people sharing the common areas and amenities with you, and more privacy. You can hang out by the garden, work out in the gym, or even ride the elevator enjoying some nice alone time.

Indulge in the breathtaking views and cool breeze.


It’s cuddle weather year-round in Baguio, and living in The Sofia Terraces means you will get to experience the cool air and misty weather to the fullest. Aside from the mountainside location, most units come with a balcony which will let you indulge in the picturesque view and refreshing breeze anytime and for as long as you like — with a good, thick sweater, of course.

Bond with your kids in and out of your home.


Create special memories with your children by showing them around Baguio’s famous attractions or even by staying home and playing with them at Sofia Terraces’ outdoor playground. They could also meet other kids they might become friends with for life there, not to mention the health benefits of being surrounded by trees, plants, and fresh air.

Take care of your health no matter where you are.


For city dwellers, one of the drawbacks of staying outside of Metro Manila for an extended period is giving up their routine of going to the gym to work out or missing a few sessions of yoga. This will not be a problem at Sofia Terraces, where you can still regularly work out at the fitness gym, make use of the jogging path, and clear your mind every morning at the meditation area. 

Rent out the unit when you’re back home.


Concerned about your condo unit sitting empty when you’re not in Baguio? Not a problem when there is a steady influx of tourists visiting the Summer Capital all year round. Your vacation home will not only be an extra space but a source of passive income as well. Rent it out to friends, family, and acquaintances to start, or create a listing on apps like Airbnb if you’re comfortable enough. The Sofia Terraces’ unparalleled location and set of amenities will no doubt attract guests regularly.

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