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Space-saving furniture is now going on trend than it used to. Well, aside from the fresh ambiance decluttering gives, multi-functional furniture is also the key to achieving an ultimate minimalist interior aesthetic. From chairs that can be converted into an additional storage to mirrors that keep hidden cabinets inside, here are some of the best ideas for multifunctional furniture to help you save more space!

  1. Mirror, mirror

Who wouldn’t love an extra storage space inside their own mirrors? It can either be a standing mirror or a wall mirror set inside your bedroom! What would be better than fixing yourself with all your needs just sitting right in front of you? Sure, we all get that with our typical cabinets, but do you ever wonder what it would look like if all your personal things are hidden behind your mirror? It is the perfect furniture to help you achieve that minimalist powder room you’ve been going for!

  1. Pull-out table
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We can all agree tables can be a bit space consuming. Thanks to the arrival of foldable tables, we can now have an extra little space when we are not dining on our tables. Yet, there is a better way to save space while having a nice table at the same time. Use pull-out tables! These pull-out tables are usually attached under sink cabinets in the kitchen. If you love eating alone and don’t  necessarily need to have a whole round table for your snacking events, then a pull-out table will surely suit you. Just pull it out whenever you’re ready to eat and push back in when you’re done. Aside from dining, this can also serve as your table for ingredients and condiments while cooking.

  1. Pull-out bed

Aside from tables, pull-out beds are also becoming popular these days. Instead of having two beds, which is too space consuming, why not have a pull out bed? Indeed, there is already a double-decker, but why not try something new? Besides, if both of you don’t like sleeping on the top bunk, then there will be no problem. Aside from pulling out another bed, you can also experiment by pulling out an extra storage instead! Keep your clothes and other belongings inside lockable cabinets under your bed to save space. And as a bonus, everytime you need something while in bed, you wouldn’t have to walk far! Just grab them from underneath your bed. Isn’t that awesome?

  1. The storage step ladder seat

A seat, a stepladder, and a storage –all in one! If you need a permanent stepladder that can basically bring your height three steps higher to reach things you usually couldn’t, why bother buying one that just takes up space? Try this all-in-one furniture that serves as a stepladder, helping you reach condiments and stuff that are hidden way high up above cabinets, or might even help you reach light bulbs and ceiling fans, a seat where you can lay down and watch some TV from, and a three-level storage where you can store all your needs that should be handy all the time. Have your things one step away with this step ladder that basically makes life just easier.

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