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A well-organized, color-coordinated refrigerator is captivating to look at. However, a properly orderly refrigerator also saves time and money. Grocery shopping and mealtimes become far more efficient when you know exactly what's inside, with reduced food waste and unpleasant odors.

1. Glass Food Storage Sets

glass storage

Remove leftovers from fragile cardboard boxes and place them in these glass food storage containers. Because they are clear, you will be able to see precisely what food you already have before ordering another round of fried rice.

2. Chalk Paint Marker

chalk paint

Don't rely on the sniff test; instead, label and date each container, so you know exactly what's inside and, more crucially, when it expires. Because these written labels are dishwasher-safe, you may reuse them again and over.

3. Fridge Bins 

fridge bins

Clear containers are your ally. Stock up on various shapes and sizes, and find a place for all of your condiments, fruit, drinks, yogurt, and other items.

4. Reusable Silicone Food Bags 

reusable food bags

Stashers, which are more environmentally friendly than normal throwaway bags, have quickly become one of the country's most popular food storage goods. Store leftovers in these sealed bags and reheat them in the microwave or boiling water.

It’s time for you to have an organized fridge! Give yourself the pleasure of going home to an organized fridge. These tips are perfect for your Amadea Home. Click the link below to know more.

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