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Mom and Kid bonding

The rainy season is here again. And while the constant rain may put a damper on your kids’ weekend plans, they don’t have to be completely devoid of fun or spent in front of tablet screens either. Here are a few rainy day activities so you can be prepared for when you’re cooped up inside.

Family playing board games
Create a happy environment for your kids at home

Play Board Games
Board games are a staple for a reason! Bust out that Monopoly or Scrabble set for a fun, screen-free time with your kids. This will also get everyone’s competitive spirits up.

Build a Fort
You don’t necessarily need toys to make the day fun for your kids. Sometimes, a simple activity is all they need to be entertained and enjoy a rainy day. Build a fort with your blankets, pillows, and even sofa cushions for a cozy afternoon of indoor camping.

Have a Dance Party
If you were planning to take the kids to the playground for the day, they might have some pent-up energy they need to release. Build a playlist and let them choose their favorite dance songs, blast the music, and dance like no one’s watching!

Kid baking cupcake
Baking is always a fun-idea

Bake Cupcakes
A rainy day is the perfect time to get in the kitchen and teach your kids a thing or two about baking. Bake some cupcakes or simply take out pre-made ones to decorate with different toppings.

Set up a Home Cinema
After making your cupcakes, why not sit down on the floor and watch movies together? Pick a couple of films that you know your kids love and go on a marathon.

Kid making artwork
Let your kids play with colors

Make Some Art
Give your kids colorful pens and lots of paper, and let them draw whatever they want. You can also give them drawing prompts so it’s easier for them to start (draw a tree, a princess, or their favorite toy). Coloring books are also a good idea!

Do Jigsaw Puzzles
You and your kids will definitely lose track of time trying to solve jigsaw puzzles! It’s not just entertaining, it’s also a good cognitive exercise.

Set up an Indoor Scavenger Hunt
Take your kids’ favorite toys, candies, or snacks and hide them all over your house. Give them a series of clues that will lead them to these items and to the big prize at the end of the game!

Make Personalized Cards
Teach your children the art of letter-writing! Let your kids decorate cards with colorful pens, stickers, or glitter, and help them write personal letters to their friends, grandparents, and other family members.

Mom reading a book to daughter
Be creative with bedtime stories

Read Them Their Favorite Book
Let them sit on the floor around you while you’re reading them their favorite book. You can also just play a nice audiobook while you all listen and enjoy some hot chocolate.

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