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Small Investments for home

Whether you’re moving into a new home or just looking to improve your home life, shopping for furniture and housewares can be stressful and overwhelming. To add to this, the pandemic has changed what we need in our homes as well. Read on for the new essentials you need to upgrade your home and your life.

A Versatile Vacuum


A vacuum is essential simply because floors are the fastest to get dirty, especially if you live with a pet. Make sure to get one based on your needs. If you live alone in a condo or studio apartment, a small, basic one will do. But if you live with your family (kids!), get a vacuum that will be able to stand regular use, since the more people live in a house, the quicker floors gather dust and dirt.

Anti-COVID Essentials


Aside from keeping a full supply of face masks, face shields, and hand sanitizer, you should make sure to fill your home with disinfecting essentials to keep yourself and your family healthy and COVID-free.

  • Tray mat disinfectant - Sterilize your shoes and other footwear right at your front door with a tray mat that can be soaked with ammonium. It doesn’t just fight against coronavirus but stops dirt and outside debris from entering your home as well.
  • Multi-surface disinfecting wipes - Use these wipes to instantly and effortlessly disinfect the sink, kitchen counter, toilet seat, steering wheel, and other surfaces.
  • Liquid hand soap - Make it a habit to wash your hands immediately after arriving home to reduce your chances of getting COVID and other viruses.

Kitchen Utensils


The kitchen is the most active room in the house and where most of your daily needs will come from, so don’t skimp on kitchen utensils!

  • Basic cooking utensils - Get affordable basic kitchen utensils such as a spatula, turner, vegetable peeler, can opener, and a pair of kitchen scissors to start with.
  • A set of kitchen knives - Investing in a set of high-quality knives is always a good idea. They will last for many years, especially if you know how to take care of them.
  • Pots and pans - You can purchase a set of pots and pans or get the bare minimum. Two skillets, large and small, and a pot will always come in handy.

WFH Essentials


Most of us have been either fully or partially working from home since the start of the pandemic, so it’s important to have the following for a more comfortable WFH day.

  • Multipurpose office desk - A multipurpose desk is essential if you’re trying to save space in your condo. You can find various desks online that will act as an office table while you’re working while also being a storage cabinet for your books, electronics, and other stuff.
  • Ergonomic chair - A regular stool or dining chair won’t cut it when you’re working, and will only likely contribute to back, shoulder, or wrist pain. To help you keep a healthy posture while working, invest in an ergonomic office chair.


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