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Inflated dinner rates, crowds and overly expensive flowers and candy – these are some of the less appealing aspects of Valentine’s Day that has driven many couples to search for alternative ways to celebrate this special day. How about spending a romantic Valentine’s Day in the comfort of your own home?

Here are some fun ideas for an amorous evening at home with your loved one on the first Valentine’s Day of the new decade.

Cook a meal together


“The couple that cooks together stays together” – Have fun shopping for ingredients at your local supermarket or wet market, prepping and whipping up a storm in your kitchen. Cooking together is not only a sensual activity that requires both of you to utilize all your five sense, but also a great way for a couple to improve communication skills.

Home spa


Forget pricey spa packages that you have to travel to and set up your own special spa at home! All you need are some relaxing, fragrant candles, massage oils, and your favorite facial creams to pamper your other half on Valentine’s Day.

Video Game Night


Are you and your beau fans of classics like Super Mario or more recent video games such as NBA Live? Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to engage in some friendly competition on the game console as you battle it out to decide who is the better gamer between you two.

Plan your next holiday


Which destination are you planning to visit next? Spend a relaxing Valentine’s Day evening laying out plans for your next trip together. Making plans together is a great way to learn more about your better half.

Valentine’s sleepover


Drag the mattress out from the bedroom and have it set up in your living room for a fun sleepover! Queue your favorite movies and programs on your television set, prepare a simple, light picnic basket and spend the night lounging lazily in your own comfortable living room.

Relationship quiz


Do you think you know your special one well? No matter how long you both have been together, there is definitely more to learn about each other. Have your loved one prepare some questions they would like to ask you and you for them, keeping in mind that it is important to keep the questions positive and entertaining. Some examples of questions that would be great for a relationship quiz include:

  • Where you had your first date
  • First impressions of each other
  • Describe your dream home



No, not those type of toys, but your children’s toys. Once you and your spouse have tucked the children in for the night, break out the Hot Wheels and LEGO and work together to build something that will knock the kids’ socks off!

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