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Oftentimes, we find our home space a little boring every now and then. When we start feeling like we are tired of the same old curtain color or interior style again, our first instinct is to go to the nearest store and shop for new curtains, rug, mats, pillows, or even sofa cover to accentuate our home in a new way. But sooner or later, you will get tired of it again. Just give it three months or five, and you will surely find yourself in the same store again looking for a new set of curtain and pillow covers, repeating the same routine you just did a couple of months ago. But you know what can spice up your home without needing to change your curtain and sofa cover at least every few months? Maximizing your wall space. Yep, has it ever occurred to you that perhaps the reason why you feel like you’re always bored about the insides of your home is because of the plain walls? Why not decorate it a bit and see where it takes you? And if you’re afraid to start and are terrified to mess up your walls, don’t worry, because we've got you covered! Here are some helpful tips to help you get started:

Gallery Wall

The wall above your sofa is brimming with design potential, and it just takes a little imagination to reach it. For us Filipino families, we love hanging our framed diplomas, graduation photos, and family pictures on our wall as a sign of a loving household, but do you know that decorating your walls with images and portraits is one way to accentuate your home? Try covering your entire wall above the living room sofa and make a statement of your own. This can enhance the mood of the room, especially if you love art as your statement of choice. You can go abstract, historical, classic, vintage, or you can even post framed photos of the landscapes you have traveled on. Apart from this idea will definitely make your room stand out, this will also be your symbol of personality.

Oversized Mirror


We know what you’re thinking, “an oversized mirror, isn’t that a little too much?”. Yes, we believe that an overuse of something is not always good, but for some very rare occasions like this, it kind of is. If you thought oversized mirrors were reserved for bedrooms, then think again. Put an oversized mirror on your wall and watch it create an illusion of making your home seem bigger. Make sure first of course that your home is also decluttered, because if your interior is messy, then the image that will be reflected on the oversized mirror won’t be a good one. Also, instead of making your room seem bigger, a cluttered household may look like a messier one instead. And aside from making your room look wider, let’s admit it, it’s also pretty chic.

Floating shelf


Indeed, what better way to spice up your living room area than to add a shelf on the wall? Sure, decorative items look great above your couch, but have you ever considered the storage opportunity that wall offers? If you feel like the walls are too boring for you, instead of just decorating it, one good idea is to maximize this space and put some things, such as books. Oh yes, how more aesthetically pleasing can a bookshelf installed in a wall could be? A sturdy floating shelf helps anchor the empty area above your sofa, while also offering up some unexpected storage space. Aside from above the couch, you can install it anywhere in your living room, on the wall space under the stairs, or even the wall space above your bedrest. Aside from its obviously appealing look, it also helps you have extra storage which is one thing you should always consider in an interior design.

Unique lighting


If you’re a fan of movies, especially romantic comedies, you’ll notice one thing that usually accentuates their walls. No, it ain’t a gallery wall, nor a floating bookshelf, nor an oversized mirror. Often, they go for unique lighting installed on their walls, above their sofa sets, or above their bed rests. Light brings different types of vibe. That’s why for films and for theater, lighting is everything. Because light creates a mood, an ambiance, and a feeling of a certain scenario. Bringing this idea into our homes, we learn that installing unique lighting can also stir the right balance of atmosphere we are going for, plus the fact that they make your walls beautiful. Just imagine a twin lampshade hanging above the sofa, or sleek fairy lights to brighten up the night. And the best part is you can always play with it, just like choosing a color palette! The important thing is never stress about it and just soak in all the fun.

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