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With summer fast approaching, it’s time to transform your outdoor area into a haven of relaxation and beauty. Landscaping has been found to have numerous benefits, including reducing stress and improving overall wellbeing. To help you get started, we've rounded up easy and affordable landscaping ideas that will enhance your space.

Potted Plants in a relaxing balcony

Potted Planting

Add greenery to your outdoor space by surrounding your home with potted plants. You can choose from a wide range of plants, from flowers to herbs to vegetables, and place them strategically to create a vibrant and lively atmosphere. Mix and match different types of plants and pots to add variety and texture.

Vertical Gardening

If you're short on floor space, why not utilize your walls? Vertical gardening involves growing plants on a trellis, wall-mounted planter, or even a shoe organizer. This method not only saves space but also creates a unique and visually appealing display.

Focal Point

Every outdoor space needs a focal point, a feature that draws the eye and adds interest. This could be a sculpture, a water feature, or even a colorful accent wall. Make sure it complements your overall design and adds personality to your space.

Complementary Plants

When choosing plants for your outdoor space, consider your interior style or theme. You want to create a cohesive and harmonious look, so select plants that complement your existing décor. For instance, if you have a minimalist interior, go for simple and sleek plants like succulents or bamboo.

A cozy outdoor lounge with table and chair

Extras and Furniture Pieces

Investing in the right extras and furniture pieces can make a big difference in your outdoor space. This could be a cozy outdoor rug, a statement lighting fixture, a comfortable lounge chair, or a stylish dining set. These items not only add functionality but also bring your space to life.

Creative Pots

Pots don't have to be boring. You can get creative with the containers you use for your plants, from vintage teapots to repurposed buckets to old tires. Upcycling is not only eco-friendly but also adds character and charm to your home.

Edible Garden

There's nothing more satisfying than growing your own food. Starting an edible garden is a great way to incorporate fresh herbs and vegetables into your outdoor space. You can grow them in raised beds, containers, or even hanging baskets. Plus, you'll enjoy the benefits of organic and healthy produce.

Water Feature

Adding a water feature to your outdoor space creates a serene and relaxing atmosphere. You can choose from a variety of options, including a fountain, a pond, or even a simple birdbath. The sound of flowing water is also known to have a calming effect on the mind and body.


Creating a pathway not only adds functionality but also adds visual interest to your space. You can use stepping stones, gravel, or even wood planks to create a path that leads to your focal point or seating area. This also helps to define your outdoor lounge and make it more inviting.

Research and Gather Inputs

Before starting any landscaping project, it's important to research and gather inputs from forums or online resources. This helps you get a better idea of what works and what doesn't and allows you to make informed decisions. You can also seek inspiration from design magazines, social media, or even your neighbors' yards.


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