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Buying a home for the first time may not be as easy as you are thinking, and this is not only about all the financial work you should be considering but also about the steps you should be studying before and after purchasing a home. Buying your first ever home, which is typically your dream home, is apparently a really huge step in your life, and therefore needs a thorough research and understanding of the guidelines in buying a home. For those who are finally considering it for the first time, here are some tips that may help you out.
1.    Save for a Down Payment

Of course before buying a home, you must determine first what type of house you can afford. You need to set a certain range of budget for the whole cost and for the monthly payments you would need. A good way to start is to save a downpayment of 20% or more. If you can’t afford the whole price of the property to be paid all at once, you can save for at least the whole downpayment. Why? Paying in cash can have additional perks such as discounts, and most importantly, it saves up time and money as well. So instead of planning your budget by how much you can pay for a month, try saving a sum of money first and pay your down payment all at once. This way, you can quickly proceed to the next step in just a blink.

2.    Consider the Location

You are buying a home not only as your dwelling place for a whole year but for a lifetime. Don’t we all have this dream of living in our very first home and witness generations after generations live in it? Yes, when buying your dream home, you should think of the word “long-term”. So it is wise to consider the location of the property you are purchasing. Do you want your family to live in a place filled with lush greenery and at the same time just a few minutes away from the city? Or do you want your loved ones to experience life right in the middle of the Metro? It’s all up to you so you have to think through it carefully.

3.    Research the Neighborhood

Our lifestyles depend on our family as well. If you are a single professional who loves being on the go, you will usually choose a lifestyle that satisfies your goals –near the city, a few minutes away from business and leisure hubs, and the like. If you are a family man, however, you will choose a community that has a friendly neighborhood, close or walking distance to schools and conveniences such as groceries and more. So before you make your big move, you need to assess first what your lifestyle is going to be like? Do you have kids now or at least planning this home to be your kids’ future home, or do you want to settle on your own, pursuing a career and achieving more? That depends on you alone, so you better start your research.

4.    Choose a Trusted Developer

Of course, you shouldn’t be risking your hard-earned money on scams and illegal activities so you should be vigilant and trust only the property sellers with brands. If you think you haven’t heard of a certain developer before, make sure you research deeply about the brand. Be cautious not to fall victim to these scams, and to make sure that you are transacting with the legitimate persons, you may ask for their IDs and other documents that will prove they are indeed an authorized property seller. Apart from this, if you are having doubts on giving money for reservations fees to them, you can ask them to bring you to the office themselves.

Aside from this, you should look into the developer profile as well and see a little bit of their history. Are they a long-standing developer in the field? How many projects have they finished? How many happy customers have they served? Once you’re done with these researches, you still have a lot more study to do. But at least, gaining knowledge on these fields won’t make you so much of a newbie anymore.

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