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Sweeten your daily toast-and-coffee ritual; DIY coffee bars or stations are a great way to make your kitchen more inviting. Your narrow kitchen nooks and little walls may be completely functional with a bit of innovation. Here are four home coffee bar ideas to help you create the ideal small location for all your morning coffee dates.

1.  Bookcase Brew 


With a simple two-shelf bookshelf, tuck a coffee bar into the corner of a room. The top is the ideal height for serving a cup of coffee, and the shelves beneath hold mugs and plates for your favorite coffee accompaniments.

2. Countertop Coffee Bar


You don't have to have a separate piece of furniture to accommodate your coffee bar. Add a shelf and a mug rack to the portion of the kitchen counter where your coffee machine is located, and you've created your own "Coffee Central."

3. Handmade and Vintage 


A handcrafted sign and an antique ironing board come together fast to create a cute DIY coffee bar. Mounting the recovered planks with a tiny gap between them allows for S-hooks to be used to hang cups. All of this is brought together with a stencil that looks like crate marks. 

4. Repainted Dresser 


With a fresh coat of paint, you can quickly change a bedroom dresser into a coffee bar. The once-attached mirror, which has been restored with blackboard paint, even serves as a source of inspiration for the day. A pair of bracketed shelves for cups and other accouterments completes this coffee area, making it a daily stop.

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