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Spending over a year in quarantine has given us all a ton of opportunities for self-improvement. Working from home and more downtime meant that people had time to finally learn how to bake, start working out, and, probably the most popular of all, improve and redecorate their homes. Because of the sudden interest in DIY interior design projects, the Facebook page Home Buddies quickly became popular as the place for everyone to share their home transformations,  inspirations, and money-saving tips.

Keep reading for the top 10 tips and tricks we’ve learned from our favorite online home improvement community!

1. Make a small space look bigger with optical illusion.


You don’t have to own a huge home to be Home Buddies worthy. Even if you own a small house or condo, you can make it look bigger by picking smaller furniture, following a minimalist design, and keeping your house clutter-free.

2. Be creative to save money.


You can make your home look expensive without spending a lot of money. Instead of copying straight from Pinterest, you can just recreate the look by patiently searching for item dupes on Shopee, Lazada, or local thrift stores.

3. Simple lighting can significantly transform a room.


Want to make your living room feel cozy? Add a dimmable floor lamp or wall lamp to lend some warmth to the room and instantly make it look luxurious.

4. Choose timeless pieces for your home.


It’s inevitable that our preferences change over time, so choose carefully when shopping for decor and pieces of furniture. Pick items that are timeless and something that truly represents your style over ones that are trendy.

5. Reuse glass bottles as kitchen canisters.


Save money and the environment by cleaning your used glass jars and bottles and turning them into kitchen canisters. If you want a more uniform look, simply use spray paint to change the color of the lids.

6. Turn wine bottles into stylish flower vases.


In a similar vein, you can also reuse emptied liquor bottles as contemporary-style flower vases in your living room. Just clean them well and remove the labels, and voila!

7. Switch to a dual-inverter aircon to save on electricity.


Some of the most sought-after pieces of advice on Home Buddies are ways to save on the monthly electric bill. According to the kapitbahays, switching to a dual-inverter air conditioner can save you a lot on electricity because it’s more energy-efficient than normal-inverter ACs.

8. Keep produce fresh using aluminum foil or ziploc bags.


To keep vegetables fresh in the fridge for longer, wrap them up in aluminum foil or store them in ziploc bags, making sure to squeeze out as much air as you can.

9. Use dried flowers or plants.


Can’t commit to caring for live plants? Don’t worry, not everyone is a plantita! If you like the look of indoor plants and flowers but have a hard time with them, use dried flowers or — like one kapitbahay shared — anahaw leaves instead.

10. Love the place you’re in.


No matter what your place looks like, whether you’re #TeamKahoy or #TeamPuti, nothing compares to a space that feels like home. The most important thing of all is that you surround yourself with your loved ones and live in a place that can accommodate your needs.

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