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Certainly, when you finally bought that dream house of yours, every inch and every square foot of it is your favorite spot. You’re too excited to decorate it, make it feel the most like home. But because you’re too focused on the interiors and the front lawn, you sometimes forget to enhance your backyard. After all, not a lot of guests make it to the backyard, right? But having a backyard is actually one of the many perks of settling in a house and lot property. It’s your own and that alone gives you the freedom to enhance it and beautify it however you want. You might think that your backyard is just an extension of your home, but it’s more than that. Your backyard is a whole lot more. It is where you can bond with your family while breathing the freshest air. This is where you sit in the afternoon and read books undisturbed by the loud TV noises. It’s the place where you can hold barbeque nights with family and friends, place inflatables for your little kids to play, or hang a hammock for afternoon siestas. Basically, there are just plenty of things you can do to maximize your backyard. Transform it into a garden, pool area, or your own oasis, do whatever you want because it’s all yours to explore with! If you’re looking for ideas on transforming your backyard into your favorite place, see this list for some insights.

  1. Swap Dying Grass for an Outdoor Room

Sure, grass adds value and beauty to your backyard. Yet, if mowing and seeding isn’t your cup of tea, perhaps it would be better to drop the grass and replace it with tiles instead. When you have grass in your lawn, the first thing that you should prioritize is maintenance. Does it get trimmed regularly? Not because it is wild grass means you don’t have to take care of it. If you want it to improve your backyard’s aesthetic, then you should maintain it and keep it beautiful. Now, if you know to yourself that this isn’t your thing, then you can transform your grassy backyard into the most peaceful outdoor room! Take it as your home’s extension. You can take out a chair or hang a hammock during cloudy days, have a peaceful breakfast and morning coffee everyday, or just chill with your family under the night’s breeze. Cover your backyard ground with tiles or cement and place a perfectly nice table set for a homemade dinner upgrade.

  1. Movie Theater

The most common choice to do with a backyard is making it an extension of one’s home kitchen. If you think this move is too cliché, then perhaps you can try leveling it up a bit. Transform your backyard into your own home theater. Especially in the middle of COVID-19 restrictions, your family or friends will surely love the idea of experiencing the goodness of watching on a big screen once again. Just add some fairy lights in your backyard to make it look warmer and more comfortable. You can use a glass or screen shade to cover you in case it rains and to protect the cemented part of your patio as well. Then, station movie snacks such as popcorn, iced tea, hot dogs, or anything else that you would see in an actual movie theater. Use a projector to maximize the screen size and enjoy with your loved ones!

  1. Little Oasis

Any season, dipping your body in a pool every now and then is very refreshing, especially in a tropical country like ours. And for kids, swimming will always be an exciting feat may it be rain or shine. So if this is one of the many reasons why you moved into a home with a pool area as an amenity, then you might be a little disappointed nowadays that you and your family can’t bond the same way you did in the community’s pool. But, there’s no need to worry. You can create your own pool area right at your backyard! Now, any day can be a swim day, even in the middle of COVDI-19 restrictions! In mounting pools in your backyard, there are plenty of ways and materials to choose from. You can use inflatables, elevated cement, or a stock tank. This outdoor feature is not only an expensive way to cool down during the hot summer months, but it also adds some backyard fun that the kids will love! Place it on a concrete patio or custom-built stone platform to protect your grass from water damage.

  1. Outdoor Dining

If you don’t fancy going over excruciating details to transform your background into something different, then you can just make it into an extension of your dining room. Dine al fresco everyday in your backyard to experience that fresh air, like you’re always on a picnic. You can station seats permanently so you won’t have to stage a dining area from time to time. You can also install a cover to protect your seats during the rainy days, or to catch dried leaves falling from trees above you. And yes, it’s also perfect to grow a tree your backyard can accommodate to add a refreshing ambiance and to regulate fresh air as well.

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