Transform your balcony into a romantic date spot | Suntrust Properties Inc.

The prime advantage of having a balcony is you’re free to decorate it the way you want. You can change its vibe depending on the season or the occasion or just anything you want to pull. Now that Valentine’s day is just around the corner, why not cozy up with your loved one and even with your whole family in a makeshift little date spot in the privacy of your own home? Check out these ideas for a romantic date night in the comforts of your home this February 14th:

1.     Candles, lights, and cozy nights

One important element that can make or break your romantic set-up is the lights. While candles are proven romantic, going modern and fancy calls for the help of fairy lights. Its soothing fixtures will surely turn any balcony the ultimate romantic date spot. Add a white-clothed table and chairs, sprinkle some flower petals (that don’t necessarily have to be roses), and place a bottle of champagne in the middle. Talk about movie-inspired!

2.     Netflix and Balcony Chill

Do you know how you can level up your planned Netflix and chill this Valentine’s day? Move it  to the balcony! Decorate your balcony with neutral and airy palettes to achieve the minimalist trend, and put some comfy chairs or even a hammock. Who says staying at home for movies is overrated?

3.     Balcony Bar

The fun in parties usually ends up early when you’re driving home. So just imagine how much fun you won’t be missing out if you have your own bar in your balcony? Turn this Valentine’s day a fun date night between you and your loved one or even for the whole family by putting a simple wooden design where you can enjoy drinks or even host a barbeque party.

4.     Touch of  nature

If you were planning a nature getaway this Valentine’s day, you might want to skip the hassle of travel restrictions and turn your balcony into a beautiful and fresh nature-inspired getaway instead. Bring the outdoors in by installing artificial grass on your balcony’s floor, or hang your favorite plants and orchids along the walls and railings. Have your own relaxing garden and dine out, just like the way you planned it.


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